URGENT NOTICE TO EVERYONE! Plato’s is moving to dot-com right now!

by Taxi

Hello chaps and chapettes!

So it’s finally happening – my tech is transferring us out of wordpress and to a dot com address.  I’m advising everyone not to comment for the next couple of hours or so as these comments will not transfer to the new site.  If a comment is important to you, please save it and enter it later on the dot com address.

I will provide you with the new address when the transfers are done in a couple of hours or so.  I will also write a separate post on the functionality of the new site once it’s all up and running swimmingly.  Fingers crossed and here we gooooooooo!

Oh and thanks y’all for your patience.  And in case you’re wondering:  yes the new site does have an edit function for commentators and yes it is a ‘site of record’, meaning, every commentator will have their own archival page.