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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff rejected Israel’s naming of a former settlement director, Dani Dayan, as the Jewish state’s ambassador in Brasilia because of the message that could send.

Rousseff informed Israel of her discomfort with Dayan’s appointment because he had lived in a settlement in occupied Palestinian territory and had been the head of a movement that the international community rejects, the daily Yediot Aharonot reported Sunday.

The message was transmitted via diplomatic channels and puts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into an uncomfortable position since Dayan’s appointment had been approved by his government on Sept. 6.

After learning of the decision to appoint Dayan last month, Brazilian social movements questioned the move, accusing the businessman of Argentine origin of violating international law in the Palestinian communities, and they asked that Rousseff not accept his diplomatic credentials.

Born in Buenos Aires 59 years ago and holding a degree in finance, Dayan was the president of the Yesha Council of Jewish settlements in the West Bank between 2007 and 2013, and he was involved in public Israeli diplomacy both inside and outside that country, it was reported after his appointment was made public by the Israeli prime minister’s office.

If the Israeli premier continues to insist on the appointment, the case could wind up being a blow to his government and Israel, given that Brazil could decide to make its rejection open and official, Yediot reported.

Netanyahu considers Brazil to be a strategic country in Israel’s relations with Latin America, and also to be attractive economic territory for any investor.

Recently, the daily said, there has been an improvement in Brazilian-Israeli relations, with apparent proof being that Brasilia last week abstained from a failed vote in the International Atomic Energy Agency sponsored by Egypt with the support of the Arab countries calling for international supervision of Israel’s nuclear installations.

Brazil rejects naming of former settlement director as Israel ambassador | Fox News Latino