Russia Raps at Fortress Israel’s Wall

by Taxi

My how the Russian boot suddenly landed heavy and sure on Syria’s soil.

How Israel gasped with surprise and dread to see the giant footprint and realize that its lauded Air Force no longer has the monopoly on Syrian skies.

Soberly it knew only too well that the Merkava is no match for even Hezbollah and Russian subs are a boat ride up the coast – checking Israeli frigates and pirates.

Suddenly Israel has no total freedom of the skies, checked on land and out at sea too.

Wow.  This is a terrible first.  Oh deary dear, what to do wat-to-do watodo?!!

Quick now Israel!  Build more walls with super speed cuz the ISISians are about to get their asses kicked by the Ruskies and the ones that will live will only have three routes to escape through:  Jordan, Turkey, and Israel.  Quick now quick – build them walls so only Jordan and Turkey will be the losers for having the terrorists they trained re-visit them as deranged tourists.

The delusion of the safety of walls continues to mesmerize the guilty wicked.  Let them salute walls!  Here is the Apartheid Wall.  There, the Sinai wall.  The Gaza wall.  The Lebanon wall.  The Golan wall.  And now of late, the Jordan wall.  Oooh quite the collection of walls, I’d say.  Israel sure is a professional wall builder.  Hire an Israeli if you need to build a wall between you and your brown-skinned neighbors.

Homage to the god of walls oh alters of separateness – build build build more walls, Israel.  Build a wall even over your head – separate yourself from sun and sky.

Fortress Israel: centuries of the ghetto complex besieging you sure is hard to shake off.

The irony of the prison-world that European Jews have erected for themselves in the holy land is astounding.

But the bigger irony is that Israel sucked America dry and weakened it thus – and now America couldn’t even stop Russia claiming Syria for itself overnight.

Looks like the Zionist scorpion ate its own tail and stung itself in the larynx.