The Zionist Extermination of Arabs

by Taxi

War is not just death.  Death is the easiest part of war.  War is permanent injury and trauma.  Mutilation and madness of soul.  Disfigurement and debilitation.   War is blind and armed anarchy.  Indiscriminate violent chaos.  Mindless perpetual hate.  War is agonizing hunger and terror and sickness and suffering homelessness.  Even statelessness – unbearably undignified refugeedom.

Apart from the long-gone Black Plague and the so-called Great Flood, nothing else but war creates refugees.

The current tsunami of Syrian war refugees attempting to reach Europe is being blamed either on Syria’s Bashar, or else it’s being blamed on “islamists” as stated by the war criminal Netanyahu.  Even Hezbollah has been blamed for causing the tragedies of Syrian refugees.

We note here that the finger pointers are all global Zionist media minions and queens.  How convenient, especially considering that the real cause of all this tortured and forced migration is Project Greater Israel’s decades-long wars against its Arab neighbors.  A Zionist crime list so lengthy and so evil that some people say it has by now surpassed the crimes of Nazi Germany against the European Jews.  You certainly don’t need a concentration camp to genocide a people – there are so many covert and creative ways to mass-murder under the radar.  Doing it slow-mo, intermittently and in considerable chunks will get you the same results as a German genocide:  millions of innocent people dead.  Doing it in slo-mo, intermittently and in chunks is the preferred Israeli way.  Getting someone else to do it for you is also the Israeli way.  They have the policy, they have means and the motive and they have already indeed been successful at realizing many of their genocidal dreams.  Generally speaking, if one was to count every single Arab individual who’s been humiliated, beaten, starved, imprisoned, tortured, displaced, assassinated, maimed, raped, burned alive, injured, refugeed, blighted or otherwise mass-murdered by Israeli wars and wars on behalf of Israel since the immoral birth of the Zionist state sixty seven years ago, then you will have yourself a gasping figure beyond six million victims claimed by Zionist Jews during Hitler’s Germany.

More and more, it is looking like Zionism came to the Middle East to exterminate the entire Arab civilization.  We are now seeing this clearly unfold before our mortified eyes.  They came not just to take Palestine, they came to use the instruments of ceaseless wars to annihilate and disperse the native Arab people altogether. They came to pulverize their ancient culture both Muslim and Christian – they came to destroy their entire history through looting and through youtubed demolitions by their agents.  The same Zionist gang of expert looters have attacked and robbed Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Yemani and Syrian historic treasures during wartime, during wars that Israel has created – looting operations performed under the distracting fog of war and civil upheaval.  Their aim is to profit from the criminal acquisition of rare artifacts as well as to re-write the history of the region according to a false Zionist narrative. The most respected Arab archaeologists on Arab TV recently reported that the same nefarious team of Zionist looters are even performing their own undocumented and illegal digs in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, in areas under ISIS or Al-Qaida control.   Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Syrian antiquities worth billions have already been sold on the cheap to the Israelis by non other than Isis.  And what was not looted in ancient stone and carvings, what was not desired by the Zionist kleptomaniacs was smashed to smithereens by their terrorist agents clad in black and shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

These are crimes of dark and stunning proportions against humanity itself and not just against the Arabs.  This is the unprovoked and barbaric murder of a holistic and ancient civilization.  Over the decades we have seen this intermittently unfold with one eye sad and the other raging.  One simply cannot comprehend the depth of the hatred that drives such a diabolical and unforgivable act of civlizationcide.  What have the Arabs ever done to European Jews to deserve their wretched inhumanity and scurrilous conspiracies, their unconscionable mass murder and mass refugeedom?

The Jews of Europe may have been an identifiable victim in the 20th century, but they certainly do not carry the unfortunate mantle of victim in the 21st century.  The Arabs do.

Throughout the past 67 years, Israel’s wars of aggression have manged to refugee not just millions of Palestinians, but also millions of Iraqis, Libyans, Egyptians, Yemenis, Syrians and Lebanese combined.   That’s seven Arab nations and counting: acutely destabilized or destroyed – a combined population of 192 million Arabs living in quagmires of war and failed statehood.  And let us not talk of the gruesome methods of killing that Israel has criminally employed against masses of unarmed Arab civilians – let us just say that a gas chamber is quicker and kinder than White Phosphorous and Depleted Uranium weapons and Dime bombs.

But the odious Zionist state would not have been successful at creating all this decades-long evil mayhem, misery and death without a helping hand or two.  Practically the entire Western world has aided and abetted the Zionist state of Israel since May 15th, 1948, and some even before that.  The West has colluded with Israel for their own covert colonialist ambitions, opportunistically and systematically looting rich Arab resources – and we’re not just talking oil and gas here, we are also talking precious industrial minerals, organic materials, Uraniums and whatnot.   Over decades the West has also profited sensationally by giving Israel free and sophisticated armory while simultaneously selling copious but less effective arms to the Arabs.  The West has approved and supported all of Israel’s wars against the Arabs:  wars all started by Israel for the benefit of the Greater Israel project.  The current refugee crisis is the result of this criminal complicity and partnership between Israel and the West.  Israel’s wars and Israel’s Western whores have in actual reality caused this current Syrian refugee crisis.  It is simply called ’cause and effect’.

The second stage of the Zionist plan to exterminate Arabism is currently in effect.  The Palestinian Nakba is but a  blueprint, a mere drill for a much more ambitious and evil project – a mere microcosm of the bigger Zionist plan to destroy Arabs and Arabness as a whole.  To covertly and overtly exterminate them as a people and as a civilization.  We are now witnessing a new kind of Nakba –  the Great Nakba for Greater Israel is on clear display.  A long-term plan that would span at least a century – and with the help of their detestable Western allies, the Zionists are prepared for the long-haul – hectically promoting a global clash of civilization against Arabs and Muslims – prepared to even use their illegal nuclear weapons if all else fails.

The European Jews came to the Middle East under false pretenses and false claims.   They came with the intent to destroy Arab past, Arab present and Arab future.  They came with the salt of hate in their breasts and they have done nothing but pour this poison salt on Arab eyes and Arab roses.  What you see now happening in the middle east is the blindness of Arabs and the death of their gardens.

The world must not sleep through this unfettered and growing wave of evil.  The world must respond to the Zionist extermination of Arabs.  There must be global outcries and non-negotiable demands.  There is no question now that the Zionist state of Israel must be dismantled if this 21st century evil is to be stopped in its tracks.

Not peace with Israel but dismantlement of Israel must be the new mantra.  Dismantlement.