A Review of the Reviewer of Max Blumenthal’s Book

by Taxi

I was going to leave this as a comment on MW but decided against it because I suddenly realized that I much prefer to write it up for my own blog – simple as that.  But I will be linking it there and people who come to Plato’s to read it will then be able to comment, if they feel so inclined, without gatekeepers reading over their shoulders. 

Why James North’s promotion of Max Blumenthal’s book fails as a review is what interests me here, not Blumentha’s book itself.  So here’s what I’d like to say to James North after reading his promotional and uncritical review of Max Blumentha’s latest book – James’ article is headlined: ‘Why the mainstream media is still ignoring Max Blumenthal’s excellent book on Gaza’.

Dear James, your review sounds like it was written by Max’s mother.  Ridiculous!  Blind pampering does not a serious review make.  And I just wonder to myself: is that what you guys do all day:  sit around figuring out who in your little clique is gonna be written about next?  You’re gonna spend your entire lifetime writing about each other and that’s it?  Your whole scene is incestuous man – if it weren’t and you guys actually went out into the real big bad world and away from your bubble more often, you’d have your answer as to why the “mainstream media” is not writing about Max.  It’s not a mystery, James, nor is it a conspiracy against poor little Max.

Here’s a couple of hints as to why Max’s unimaginatively titled book is going nowhere, James:.  First, the whole world saw the assault on Gaza through social media in real time, plenty of it and for 51 days and more and more and more – everybody and their uncle Don saw what was going down, so why should anyone feel the need to buy an unoriginal book on it thereafter?  There’s no sense it doing that and wasting time and money.  The general mainstream public hasn’t got a clue who the heck Max Blumenthal is – he’s only known in your fishbowl, dude – or as the Brits are wont to say: ‘he’s famous in his own lunchtime’.  The guy doesn’t ever say anything new and he’s insufferably un-charismatic:  the antithesis of popularity.   And getting a nod from Hilary Clinton on his last book has obviously been like the kiss of the anesthetist to Max’s nepotistic career.

I’m getting that your little posse is now pushing to ‘mainstream’ Max but what for?  He’s a vicious gatekeeper and he most certainly doesn’t represent Palestine, just his own big mouth and careerism which he has build on the backs of the suffering Palestinians.   Who in their right mind would take the word of a serial exploiter seriously?   What?  Jealous a tad of Peter Beinart’s ‘commercial’ success, is he?  Worse:  jealous of Alison Weir’s stellar book success in the solidarity movement?  Sure looks like it.

This brings me to my second point.  Max should be told by someone that his unprovoked and despicable smear-assaults on solidarity movement members through his twitter and through his interviews is the very reason why a growing chunk of the solidarity movement are not interested in his views or his books anymore.  Who cares that ‘he is a good writer’?   More importantly, he’s a lousy ‘visionist’ and an egocentric team-player who has given the movement nothing but bombastic and hostile divisions.  What the heck has he done for the movement to get the full support of its members?  He’s only gone and offended most of them with his chauvinism and predatory attacks on undeserving members.

The guy needs emergency PR resuscitation, not a friendly local promoter blowing smoke up his…

I for one wouldn’t buy Max Blumentha’s exploitative trash even if I saw it in the 99c markdown bin.

Rather than promote Palestine directly and fabulously, James, you go wasting your time promoting Max Blumenthal’s dishonorability.

You all need shaking by the shouldesr and waking up to reality:  there are more non-Jews in the solidarity movement than there are Jews and these gentile folk’s needs are not being met by your self-chosen clique.  Maybe if you catered to them equally and respectfully, books like Max’s might be more popular INSIDE the community which may then legitimately drive its popularity out to the rest of the world.  So before you go conspiratorially questioning why the mainstream media is not giving Max a break, you should really concern yourself with why the movement’s media is giving Max two thumbs down.