Jewish Anti-Goyism and the Entrenched Divisions in the Palestine Movement

by NewsStand

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a HUGE and unaddressed problem with anti-goyism within the Jewish branches of the Palestine movement.  And it is disheartening and disappointing that honorable leaders of the movement and other non-aligned individuals, both Jewish and non-Jewish are not addressing it in public for the benefit of the movement’s solidrity.  What are we waiting for?  Permission?  Permission from whom exactly?  Really now!  It’s high time the anti-goy card is put face up on the table and examined.

An example of what can only be called an anti-goyism malady in the movement is Max Blumenthal’s continuing race-based attacks on Alison Weir.   And the guy looks to be enjoying it feverishly; enjoying keeping the movement divided with his big-mouth anti-goy shtick and provocations.  All these accusations by Max and his Jewish goy-hating cabal in the Palestine movement are flying around and not a single convincing argument have they made to us, as evidenced by the appalled majority’s response to the recent and now famous “Roundtable” discussions.  Max and other racist Jews keep referring us to ‘videos’ of Alison but the majority, and I mean a SOLID majority of activists are NOT buying it.  The Jewish racist accusers have actually NEVER even supplied us with a single passage from Alison’s book to back up their bogus and hate-filled accusations.  Yet they and Blumenthal still stand there atop the mountain as Pyrrhic victors and leaders of the cause.

Well step the fuck down off that mountain, Max Blumental!  You are not Friedrich Nietzsche‘s Zarathustra.  We are NOT interested in your self-appointed bullshit sanctimony.  Go to fucking perfect hell, why don’t you?!  Enough of your double-agenting and sabotage of the movement already!  We do not need you, Palestine doesn’t need you – you are NOT the savior of Palestine or of the United States!!  Fuck off already!

I’m sorry to use such language on Max but that’s the kinda language I usually use against hypocritical, racist agents of hate and chaos.  And no, I don’t believe that anti Weirism originally stemmed from the non-Jewish members of the movement:  it came from the Jewish shadowlands where anti-goyism secretly lives and thrives.  Yes, there are some non-Jewish detractors of Weir in the movement, but they are a small minority who are frankly soft-natured and still susceptible to the Jewish holocaust violins – susceptible to the willful abuse and manipulation of the memory of the holocaust by certain Jewish members of the Palestine movement.  Their minor objecting voices are buried deep beneath the Jewish loud calls for the ex-communication and the smearing of Alison Weir.  Non-Jews are NOT the ones dividing the movement, racist Jews are.

Yesterday’s fresh attack on Alison Weir came in response to a mass-email that she sent out – Max Blumenthal is on IAK’s mailing list so he received the email too and his immediate response was to twitter-assault and smear Alison Weir, again, for no good reason.  I don’t know why he doesn’t remove his name from Alison’s mailing list – or is he keeping it there to use as an excuse to bludgeon her every time a mass-email is sent out by IAK?  This would seem to be the case.  And besides, if he thinks she’s a white supremist, by his own logic is he not “associating” with white supremists by being on Alison’s mailing list?  Should we not throw rotten eggs at him too and ostracize him from the movement?

Max Blumenthal is a bombastic political exhibitionist and an agent of hate and chaos.  He has repeatedly shown bitter enmity towards too many non-Jews and especially to non-Jews who happen to own a popular I/P narrative that doesn’t fit his and his JVP friend’s dishonest and ineffective narrative.  I do not believe for a second that his so-called activism is genuine.  If it were, his privileged royal highness Max Blumenthal would have dedicated all the profits of his last book on Gaza to the children of Gaza.  Instead, he went over to Gaza, siphoned their tragedy and devastation, took a plane straight back to America and sold it to the highest publishing bidder then pocketed the money and the ill-gotten kudos while Gaza and her children remain in perpetual and agonizing suffering.  Despicable self-serving greed:  feeding off the blood and broken bones of the suffering Palestinians!  Palestine is NOT a labor of love for him; it is not a prophetic vocation and it is most certainly not a cause that he would break his racist fingernails for.  So why does he do it?  He does it for commercializing his brand-name and to protect the left side of the tribe from legitimate scrutiny.  Even when he attacks Likudism and all the other ugly Israeli political isms, he’s doing it to enhance his brand name.  Double agent indeed.

I am not an ‘expert’ on Max Blumenthal’s work.  I can’t think of a more boring subject matter to waste my time on.  I have never bought or read any of his books – and admittedly, I have only read probably a handful of his articles, of which a couple I found acceptably righteous – the other articles reeked of pretension and manufactured anger.  But I do not need to be a Blumenthalist to see his anti-goyism hard at work – his tweets against his goy detractors, imagined or self-created, speak volumes on this.  Besides why should I read a guy who got it so wrong, not just on Alison Weir’s stellar book, but got it so wrong too on Egypt and Syria:  supporting the fucking Islamist there with his big propaganda megaphone mouth!  What is the difference between the idf supporting the Islamist terrorists  Al-Nusra on the battleground  of Syria’s Golan and Max Blumenthal supporting the Islamic Brotherhood’s religious tyranny in Egypt and Syria in print?!  No fucking difference if you ask me!

His knowledge of Middle Eastern geopolitics and geostrategy is laughable – even the dowdy ponce Thomas Friedman gets it right more often  than Max.  And Max’s books – are we supposed to worship at their sham alter because Zionist and elitist Hilary Clinton “really liked” one of his books?  Is this really his highest claim to fame and activism?  What the heck have his books ever done for Palestine?  What the heck has Hilary ever done for Palestine?!  Sweet eff all and worse.  And I bet you most of the buyers of Max’s books are leftie Jews looking for an echo chamber to temporarily numb their subconscious guilt over Palestine.  Analyzing Blumenthal’s pure unadulterated hate towards Alison Weir, one can only deduce that a combination of anti-goyism and bitter jealousy of Alison’s success and profound truthseeking book is what truly motivates his relentlessly vicious and unprovoked public smears against her.  Max Blumethal is a clone of Antonio Salieri, but without the grace,  dignity and self-honestly of Salieri.

Nobody is asking Max Blumenthal  to agree with Alison 100%, but we are asking for his uncalled-for hateful smears of a respected member of the community to immediately cease.  Somehow, I don’t think he will respect this simple and civilized request.  When I wrote the article  ‘Activist Heal Thyself’, I was really hoping that Jews in the movement would heed the call too, check themselves in their inner mirror and  detox themselves from their racism against non-Jews.  But instead, it would seem that they’ve gotten even worse since the “Roundtable” at Mondoweiss!!!  No, this is utterly unacceptable behavior.  Of course Alison Weir is far too classy and gracious to respond to Max’s pathetic green-eyed monster attempts at demonizing her, so his attacks on her go swimmingly unaccounted for.  But for how long?   For Pete’s sake how long can this dangerous and divisive smearing go on for? And what can “We The People” do about it?  How can we stop this racist agent of hate and division from operating like a fucking royal Queen of Sheeba?!  Do his unaccounted for attacks not remind you of how Israel attacks Palestinians without accountability and no end in sight?  We all know that Israel keeps attacking Palestinians because there is no price to be paid for its aggression.  Same with Max Blumenthal:  he attacks and pays no price.  So how do we hold him accountable?  What can we really do?  I say make it known to him whenever you can that his anti-goyism is unacceptable and unwelcome.   Boycott his self-serving attachment to the Palestinian cause.  Reject his impure ideas, and more importantly, reject his current and future exploitation books.