The Dirty-Dirty Narrative War and the Smear Attacks on Palestine Activists

by Taxi

We already know that Adleson and Saban held a secret anti BDS summit not too long ago and assigned some Forty Million Dollars to the cause of “fighting BDS”.  Well, now we know where some of that money is going to:  skanky bloggers who are out there smearing activists in the most disgusting way – literally referring to them as “pedophiles” for defending the children of Gaza.  My advice here is two-pronged.  First, relentlessly beat the shit out of the offending deranged zionists on the bloggosphere.  Second:  all smeared activists really need to gather themselves as one and class-action sue the living daylights out of the writers of such filth and fuckeries.

A specific blogger I am referring to here is some  wacko who goes by the name of Thomas Wictor whose latest article on BDS activists I am posting below.  He even supplies a long row of pictures of activists so the smear is truly personalized.  I didn’t include these pictures in this post but you can see them for yourselves on his blog, linked to at bottom of article.  The fucker talks so much about pedophilia that it makes one wonder if he isn’t one himself – so much pleasure his writing derives from this particular smear – it’s sickening how he’s at such ease in that debauched world.  Worse than that, he is particularly obsessed with ‘dead’ children, which would make him a weird and grotesque combination of pedophile and necrophiliac.  A pedonecro.  (My skin crawls at even typing the word).

Nobody writes such dangerously litigious filth without some serious zio wigs backing him from behind the curtain.  Nobody!  Dirty propagandists and smear assassins like him must be fought tooth and nail till the blood of their words are drained into the sewers of history.

I haven’t had a chance yet to do a full research on Thomas Wictor – I even doubt that that’s his real name.  Some of his personal information is on his blog  – don’t know if any of it is true  –  and he has a twitter account too where he claims a friendship with David Frum.  I ask you to fight Thomas Wictor wherever you see him!  I ask readers to research and investigate this motherfucker and share your findings of him here in the comment section.

Dear Plato readers, get your proverbial smart guns out – this is REAL war!


The degeneracy of pro-Palestinians

Activists who are themselves Palestinian include a large number of truly heroic reformers. But pro-Palestinians from outside the culture actually want children to be killed and torn to pieces so that photos of their corpses can be taken and shared. It’s a sexual fetish. There’s no doubt about it.

Every one of the degenerates below sent me thousands of photos of dead children, 98 percent of whom were not Palestinian.

If you ever find yourself arguing with a pro-Palestinian, within minutes they’ll call you a child molester. This is projection. They themselves are virtually indistinguishable from pedophiles. They collect and share their photos of dead, mutilated children; they reach out to each other through this mutual interest; they go to forums where they talk about their perversion among like-minded degenerates who won’t “judge” them; and they rationalize their fetish.

The pedophile says that he or she loves the child, and the child is simply expressing an inborn sexual drive.

Pro-Palestinians say that they’re exposing the crimes of Israel because they love children.

No. They’re sexually aroused by photos of dead, mutilated, dismembered, charred, squashed, disemboweled children. No well-balanced, healthy person could collect and enthusiastically, uninhibitedly disseminate such images.

I posted to someone else that the pro-Palestinian movement is indifferent to Palestinians unless they’re dead and were killed by Jews. Tonight the degenerate below told me that she’s a “human rights activist” who deeply cares about Palestinians and simply opposes “Zionist terrorism.”

I asked her for an example of “Zionist terrorism.”

“Gaza summer 2014,” she wrote.

“See, I KNEW you wouldn’t be able to come up with an example,” I replied. “Let’s test you on real terrorism. Do you condemn this, the Palestinian use of mentally disabled children as suicide bombers?”

I was referring to Hussam Abdo, who was fitted with an explosive vest and sent to the checkpoint at Nablus on March 24, 2004.

At great risk to themselves, the IDF saved his life.

In response to me asking if she condemned using Hussam Abdo as a suicide bomber, the woman began spamming me with photos of dead, mutilated children. The speed at which she posted them means that they’re in a special folder, ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

I blocked her, as I block all pro-Palestinians who share their fetish for dead, mutilated children. She not only lacked the character to condemn MAKING MENTALLY DISABLED CHILDREN INTO SUICIDE BOMBERS, she used my question as a rationale for indulging in her sexual predilection.

Posting photos of dead, mutilated children is a desecration. Pro-Palestinians are sexually excited by both the violent deaths of Palestinian children and the shock value that photos of the corpses produce. Pedophiles and pro-Palestinians revel in corrupting others. This is because pedophiles and pro-Palestinians are depraved, evil narcissists who use other human beings as props.

When I was four, the family friend I call “Hank” took me to one of the vacant guest houses in our oil camp. After Hank died, I discovered that he was a member of the American mafia. He was a contract killer and an enforcer. A leg breaker.

At the guest house, Hank opened the door to a bedroom and showed me a little Venezuelan girl lying naked on the bed. I realize now that she was unconscious. Hank had drugged her.

He began doing things to her, and I said, “She’s only five!”

“She’s not five; she’s twenty-five!” he thundered at me. “She’s here for the party. We’re just having a party.”

He said it so many times and so forcefully that I didn’t know what I thought anymore. She seemed to be a small, sleeping child, not an adult, and I couldn’t understand what Hank was doing. Part of my confusion was the dissociation that comes from trauma.

There was music playing. After much searching, I identified the song and band.

“Everybody Loves My Baby.”

Like pro-Palestinians, Hank’s greatest joy was hiding his perversions in plain sight. Pedophiles get jobs that put them in contact with children; those who are sexually aroused by dead, mutilated children become pro-Palestinian activists. This allows them to collect their photos and mingle with like-minded degenerates.

Solving the murders of Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr became an obsession for me. It was my need to finally confront what I’d experienced. At the guest house in the Venezuelan oil camp, Hank satisfied himself with the unconscious five-year-old and then killed her with a knife. In front of me. Then he dismembered her. In front of me. Then he did something else that isn’t necessary to discuss.

What I’ve just described was one incident. There were many.

The degenerate Annie Robbins called me a “sick puppy.” That’s funny, considering that I didn’t write an utterly fraudulent piece about Nabi Saleh, and I didn’t accidentally admit that the incident was orchestrated.

The reason that Annie Robbins wrote her agitprop was so that more Palestinian children would be killed. She’ll get to collect photos, and her despicable publication will continue making money.

I’m a very unforgiving person. My sincerest wish for pro-Palestinians is that they all be kidnapped by the Islamic State and given the sorts of deaths that their precious photos show. However, I want them to be alive for as long as possible. I can tell you truthfully that if I were the president, and I learned that the degenerates above had been taken by the Islamic State, I wouldn’t do anything to help them.

The pro-Palestinian movement is dedicated to producing dead children. I know these creatures. They can’t fool me. I recognize them. How many people are there in the world who have experienced what I have? Very few. Now that I remember that which I’d kept in a sealed room for almost fifty years, I can see who’s Hank and who isn’t. I know instantly.

David Viscott MD was one of my heroes, even though he was a very flawed man.

He said something that’s absolutely true: The sicker people get, the more generic they become.

Pro-Palestinians are all identical. They’re exactly like Hank the mafioso, who dedicated his entire existence to causing harm. Pro-Palestinians want only to harm Israelis and Palestinians. Those are their reasons for living. Nothing else interests them.

Well, I survived Hank. His horrifying death was entirely deserved. He died in terror, saying that people were coming after him. I’m sure it was his victims. The story is that he kept getting out of bed and trying to run. They should’ve let him go. If I’d heard that he ran out onto the freeway with his hospital gown flapping behind him like Superman’s cape, and he got flattened by an eighteen-wheeler, I’d laugh. I think I’d make a comedy short about it.

And after remembering everything from my childhood, then I figured out what’s going to happen in the Middle East. It’s been confirmed to me by multiple sources. The finest warriors in the world have said they’re proud of me. They’re going to destroy the Iranian mullahs and the Islamic State, and then they’re going to tell this to the Palestinians.

“The Israelis are our friends. You’re going to make peace with them, or we’ll do to you what we did to the Houthis, the Iranians, the Islamic State, and al-Qaeda.”

Blubbering at how unfair it is, the Palestinians will comply. That will cut off the supply of photos that pro-Palestinians can collect. They’ll suffer mightily. If we’re lucky, many will lose themselves in alcoholism and die of cirrhosis or diabetes. Something slow and painful.

I do want a better world. But justice is meted out. Evildoers must be punished. Pro-Palestinians have made the situation exponentially worse. There would be no Tamimis if there were no pro-Palestinians. Though I’d settle for the Israelis and their Arab allies simply taking out the garbage, it’s really not enough.

Millions of degenerates should be made to pay for what they’ve done. True justice demands it.