Who and What the Heck is Plato’s Guns?!

by Taxi

Almost six months ago, I set up Plato’s Guns as a newsstand to share articles and information with readers, as well as a platform for open, uncensored discussion of the simultaneous Zionist occupation of Palestine and our Congress – including also discussion on middle eastern geopolitical topics as they relate to our American Empire.  Having either been muzzled or banned from most I/P discussion sites, it was necessary to set up a place where no gatekeepers operated.  I have also taken advantage of this self-created freedom by penning occasional analysis articles and publishing them here on Plato’s.  I  highly encourage and invite others to pen articles on their topic of interest and to submit them to Plato’s for publication.  Community participation is essential for Plato’s growth – be it through the comment section or through article publishing.

This is a labor of love and a single person operation.  Running and administering the site can occasionally be time-demanding on me so I ask that your expectations of the site remain low.  I am currently working with a technician on improving the blogger’s experience and securing the site from zio attacks.  This will take another ten days or so – here I appreciate your patience while I move forward with this plan.

I am also changing the theme design of the blog as the one I’m currently using is an old theme that is not compatible with current plugins etc.  But don’t worry, I’m keeping the minimalist look – I wouldn’t have it any other way because I am equally  anti eye-clutter as I am anti zionist.  Bombardments offend me.  All new page extras and site map etc will be included in a drop-down menu so that there are no eye distractions for the reader.

So far I have no plans for a logo – why would I have a logo – this is not a business or a brand name.  This is a free service for ‘We The People” – this is cyber activism – we slay propaganda here at Plato’s.

I am an anonymous blogger but my views are an open book.  I may one day out myself – who knows what I’ll do tomorrow?

I am not a journalist and I have no desire to be one.  If anything, and because Plato’s is a mixture of both original and shared news items, I see myself as more of an NJ who  entertains and educates visitors at a newsstand.  Huh?  “NJ”?   I hear you asking: ‘what the heck does that mean’?!  Well, Dee-Jays exist (DJ’s), and Video-Jays exist (VJ’s), so now we have NJ’s:  News-Jays.  Yes, News-Jays.  You like?  Heh, here you’d be right to call me pretentious except I’m just being goofy and messin’ widya.  But seriously, who or what I am is immaterial.  What’s important is the message and the message is:  enough bullshit from craven politicos and from the media, including the so-called alternative media cuz they too can be full of it.

I don’t know where Plato’s is heading to in the future – and I haven’t done any advertising or ‘pinging’ yet.  We’re experiencing  a steady increase of readership by word of mouth and I’m just happy to let it roll thus for the time being.  Whilst I’m enjoying the work of it and so long as its not intruding on my personal life (too much), I will continue servicing it and bringing you the daily fruits of the loom.

Can we make a difference?  Well we are each but a drop in the ocean but as my favorite old Swahili saying goes: ‘many drops fill bucket’, so maybe we can altogether fill a bucket to… well, we will figure out what to do with this bucket once it’s been filled and weaponized with information.  Make no mistake, Plato’s is at war with the status quo and every single enabler of the status quo.  The rot in the system and its prolific rotters are the target.

Do please take advantage of this post to give me feedback on how I can improve and enhance your experience while I’ve got a tech in the house.  Also, feel free to ask any Plato related questions.  You can ask stuff about ‘Taxi’ too – maybe I’ll answer them, maybe not – but you’re free to ask, nevertheless.

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who has bookmarked Plato’s and I would like to also express true gratitude to bloggers who comment with intelligence and acrobatic wit:  adding vibrancy and color to my side-road newsstand.  I really do wholeheartedly appreciate everyone’s presence.

LAST THOUGHT:  I could have used this writing time to pen an analysis piece but there is actually no new news of significance going on right now and I wasn’t exactly going to go repeating old stuff that everyone already knows only too well – or worse, go  inventing news like our bullshitting media does.

I’d rather kick the bucket than do that.