American Empire versus Global Zionism

by Taxi

America in the Middle East: we’re playing so many sides against each other – juggling swords and nukes and oil pipes in the eye of a firestorm.

Why?  And where is this all leading to?

Apparently, it is all for us, for us and only us – it is all for the benefit of America:  the greatest ever Empire in the whole history of mankind.  This is why we do what we do in the Middle East and it is all leading to…  the end of Israel.

“The magic has turned against the magician”, is an old Arab saying.

For decades the narcissistic Zionists worldwide have assumed that they are the masters of America, that America is so giddily infatuated and mesmerized by all things Judozionist that they can forever and eternally depend on America’s punch-drunk love and dollars.  They believed it so deeply and for so long, talked about it so very much that even we almost started to believe it too – till, that is, the historic Iran deal was signed.  “No daylight between us”?  Indeed, we have not heard that phrase bandied around for months now.

The momentous signing of the Iran deal leaves everyone involved a mega winner except… Israel.  This is a huge and momentous revelation on behalf of Empire and nobody is more traumatized by it than the Knesset and our zio-bought (ziobot) congress.  But we all know that our congress is zio-occupied territory; in fact so much so that it should really be called ‘Zongress’.  We all know that congress does not work for “We The People”, but for the puny terrorist settler state of Apartheid Israel.   Congress certainly does not work for the benefit of the giant American Empire either.  They’re scared of it – down the halls of power it towers over them and their miniscule mortalness.  They don’t understand it – how could they?  It speaks in English while they speak in Zinglish.  American congressmen are no threat to Empire and neither is Israel – their combined forces can never bring down and forever tie up that bad-assed American Gulliver.  Oh they will try throwing everything and the kitchen sink to change the sudden realism that sucker-punched their delusions of grandeur, but it’s just simply not going to work.  Why?  Because Empire may take a friend or two for a  high ride that lasts a few decades, but it has no plans for taking anyone with it to the very top.  The Emperor wants to sit alone on his high Everest-ian throne.  That’s the nature of the beast of Empire.   Perched god-like on the highest peak; and  alone.  With all its frenzied fists and bulging biceps, there is nothing that Global Zionism can now do to keep riding on American wings.  The euphoric journey of the leech is over – it holds nothing in hand now but an expired ticket to be glued to its scrapbook.

Yes, it’s true that American Empire doesn’t care about Palestine and Palestinians – but it would also seem to be the case that Empire doesn’t care about Jews and Israel either.  Empire just didn’t care to make that clear to the Zionists six decades ago.  And why should its grand highness volunteer any information to a mere serf?  For decades, Israel served as Empire’s military hardware showroom right smack in the center of the planet; a set-up that on balance and reflection served the wealth of America by far more than it served the security of Israel.  Israel has really been no more than a corner shop with cheap rent and high turnover of product.  And now that Empire wants to project its domination further northeast and southeast into the Russian Steppes and  across to the China Seas and the Pacific basin, it wants to eventually abandon the zionist kiosk in the holy land for a new and larger showroom that is also cheaper in rent.  Here read Azerbaijan for its easy reach to China and Russia, as well as for it’s vast local oilfields and for its easy access to major Arab oil lands.  And the ingeniousness of Empire’s maneuvers into Azerbaijan?  It is exploiting the skills of Israeli military trainers and personnel – their training already paid for by American tax dollars – assigning them the minion task of building up Azerbaijan’s military presence brick by arduous brick – ironically, in exactly same way that Israel uses cheap Palestinian labor to build expensive new beachfront condos and illegal settlements.

See how the magic is turning against the magician?

Though downplayed severely by mainstream media, we are currently witnessing a power struggle between American Empire and Global Zionism.  We see this reflected in multiple locations and not just in the Iranian arena.   For example, Israel wants Syria’s head (its army, more specifically) on a silver platter as compensation for the Iran deal, but Empire won’t allow it.  Not for the love of Syria, but purely for the sakes of Empire is Obama obliged to secure Syria – especially from the coarsening, poison hands of Israel.  This is necessary so as to insure the safety, longevity and immense profit for Empire that’s to be harnessed from the Iran deal way past his present term in office.  It is no longer profitable for Empire to start new wars in the Middle East, be it for the sakes of Israel or Shmisrael.  In fact, post the Iran deal signing, the very opposite is now desirable for Empire.  The Iran deal’s success into the future is highly dependent on relative peace prevailing in the Middle East.  And peace in the Middle East, as we all know, means the end of Israel.

All the chaos and turbulence in the Middle East right now is being wound down – yes it may take several more years of unwinding, but we have now indeed seen the worst of ISIS suckling on the grotesque teat of the Yinon Plan.   Signs of this?  Yemen and Saudi Arabia are presently holding peace talks in the Sultanate of Oman.  For the first time since Gaddafi’s death, the Libyan army is finally beginning to take control of batches of Alquaida territories and actually hold them.  In Iraq, America is not objecting to increasing-in-number and successful Iranian anti-terrorist operations.  In Syria, Obama has quietly given Putin the nod to go there and do what is necessary to liquidate ISIS: this ‘nod’ is for Empire reasons mentioned above, and also as Obama’s personal domestic political shield against Aipac – ‘Syria’s out of my hands, Aipac – go talk to Putin’, Obama can now say to the vindictive Zionist lobby.

It is a brand new world order indeed that the signing of the Iran deal has created.  We are seeing faded old blueprints discarded and new ones being drawn out.  Blueprints that undervalue Israel in Empire’s larger schemes.  Blueprints that suggest that stability in the Middle East is now a practical priority and not a lip-service.  Stability, security and peace in the Middle East:  these are the weapons that Empire is using to destroy Israel with, knowing very well that Israel thrives on nothing but war  and more war – and that when its precious war substance is denied it, Israel would consequentially and eventually run out of oxygen.