Israel’s Last Resort: War With Iran on Syrian Territory

by Taxi

Having failed miserably at halting the Iran Nuke deal through political and diplomatic instruments, through blackmail and other nefarious activities, and having failed especially to convince Obama and most American citizens that the Iran deal is a “bad mistake of historic proportions”, Israel now finds itself with one last option:  a military engagement with Iran on Syrian soil.

We see this strategy unfolding today with yet more Israeli missile and rocket strikes on several locations inside Syrian territories, including one where 5 Syrian civilians were killed when Israel fired a missile at their moving car.   Israel is hoping that a campaign of ongoing and limited Israeli strikes on Syrian army bases and Syrian towns would eventually force Iran into reacting to Israel’s hegemonic military assertions inside the Iranian sphere of influence, i.e. on Syrian land and the general northern Levant.

This is as foolish a strategy as it is dangerous.  For Israel, that is.

First, let’s look at the timing of this latest Israeli gun Kabuki.  On the day that the Syrian army and Hezbollah declare that only a single square kilometer in the Zabadani region is left to liberate from the clutches of the Israel-backed Al-Nusra Front terrorists (self-declared “Alqaida in Syria”), Israel yet again launches a series of strikes against Syria, claiming it as a response to missiles  fired into Israel, allegedly from Syrian locations.

These missile strikes into Israel that Israel is whinging about have not been claimed by anybody.   Hezbollah habitually claims strikes it initiates so we know they don’t hold the smoking gun.  Other resistances in Palestine and in the Golan, under the umbrella of either Hezbollah or the Syrian Army have not claimed responsibility either – though in the past they were more than proud and eager to announce launching a rocket here and a rocket there into Israel and the occupied Golan.  So, no confessions from the Arab side here.  Also, these missiles that fell into Israel caused no damage to Israeli settlers’ persons or to their properties. Simplified: no one is taking responsibility and no ‘real’ damage was caused.

Okay.  We weren’t all born yesterday to miss a false-flag op when we see one.

It would seem to be the case that yesterday’s strikes were nothing to do with Israel’s retaliation against missiles fired into its territory, but everything to do with unraveling what is dubbed as ‘Plan Gideon’: their new military strategy that was recently made public for the first time.

This ‘Plan Gideon’ appears to have been initiated into action yesterday, and today, Israel is loudly accusing Islamic Jihad (Palestinians) of being behind the attack; it’s also accusing Syria for allowing the attack from its territories, and it’s accusing Iran as well for being the mastermind behind the attacks – it’s wagging fingers and  promising harsh punishment for all three named culprits.   In other words, it’s accusing Palestine, Syria and Iran simultaneously and declaring it has intelligence that indicates that Iran is working to open a military front against Israel in the occupied Golan.  But this is not a new revelation  – Hezbollah’s leader has many a time said that the next military front against Israel will be opened in the Golan – and Hezbollah have actually been training local Golani resistances for this day since 2006.

False-flagging as a ruse to drag Iran into a military confrontation is dangerous for Israel for many reasons.  Above all it is a failed strategy because whereas it can strike Syria when it pleases, it cannot control when Syria will respond back in like and inflame the whole region overnight, ignite a violent regional war that would include Israel proper as open target – possibly ignite World War 3.  It’s also a silly and deluded strategy because Israel will have to first defeat Hezbollah and the Syrian army combined, or appear to be defeating them in a war, before Iran itself will ever need to step onto the battlefields of Syria.  This victory over the Syrian Army and Hezbollah is unlikely to manifest any time soon.  Note here that Israel dares not strike any Hezbollah targets since their last ping-pong match in Shebaa Farms back in January, 2015.

Truth, folks, is that the axis of resistance is successfully creating a pincer around the norther and northeastern fronts of Israel, and there’s not much that Israel can do about it that can slow-down the resistances there or consign them to the dustbin of history overnight.  Israel has already tried sending Al-Nusra over to defeat Hezbollah on their behalf and that plan has failed and is currently being flushed down the bog.  The ‘Plan Gideon’ refocuses the IDF away from training to fight Arab armies and towards training to fight non-state actors such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad et all.  All non-state actors in the Levant are considered as valuable geostrategic Iranian investments and assets.  Iran will protect these investments mightily – but it will not fall for the Israeli ploy of fighting the IDF on the Golan.   It doesn’t need to directly fight Israel in the Golan or in the Shmolan.   There are plenty of local and trained fighters already on the ground to do this work, and their recruitment is shooting through the roof.  If a war was to break out tomorrow, the Iranian-backed axis of resistance’s combined artillery would be perfectly capable of turning Tel Aviv and other zionist centers of power into dust.  Yes, Israel will hit back hard, but it will not be able to stop major, coordinated and destructive attacks on its national military and civilian assets.  The Zionist project cannot withstand this degree of destruction and survive thereafter.

Iran has an undeclared strategy for fighting Israel – I call it the ‘Persian Patience Plan’.

‘Plan Gideon’ versus the ‘Persian Patience Plan’ have now been activated.  Expect a continuing buildup of IDF troops in the Golan and periodic assaults on Syria by them.  Expect also to see dead Israeli soldiers and their maps burning on the battlefields.