What now, Einstein?

by Taxi


Okay, so the word is now out.  JVP and EtO leaderships are supremist scumbags that have been operating with a sub-agenda that protects zionists and jewish reputations, not the primary victim nation of Palestine – and most certainly not the interests of our country.

Almost a week later and not a pip-squeak from either leadership or their egghead primo supporters as to where we go from here.  So we just stand now either side of the drawn line in the sand and… do exactly what?  Ogle and dart hostilities at each other?   Shout at each other and make rude gestures across the dividing line?  What the…?!!!

How do we stop JVP’s leadership from banning Alison Weir’s public talks and book tours?   How do we get a peaceful resolution to this crisis when JVP are refusing negotiations, apologies, or change of tactic?  What to do when the bad apple refuses to leave the basket? Clings for dear life to the basket.   Who’s hand will pick and chuck it out?  We need some practical ideas circulating on this.  If anyone has any, please do share them here in the comments section.

Time is of the essence and to just leave the poisoned air of division hanging suspended overhead with no resolution, only serves to distract and weaken us – only serves the enemy.  The virus has been diagnosed and located, but apparently there is no cure for it?  No way of either weakening or dislodging it?

Please say it isn’t so!

The purpose of this article is really to give a platform for discussing “what now”?  The whole solidarity movement with its growing multitude of varying chapters and individuals should now focus on this point.  Enough of JVP said this and did that – we’ve all seen their skulduggery by now and therefore it’s a waste of time at this stage to repeat and repeat them again.

How to dis-empower JVP, how to weaken their hold on the Palestine narrative – and how to put a stop to their thought-policing and smear campaigns against activists is begging discussion here.

More importantly, what can we do to stop JVP from doing the same nasty to other brilliant voices in the movement in the future?

I’m just a lone voice here – I mean I am not a member of a specific pro Palestine group so I’m really not privy to the workings and inter-relationship machinations between group and group in the movement.  I don’t know their internal power structures and group systems etc.  I feel that I’m a member of the whole collective and not of an individual entity or group within the movement.   This is why I would appreciate an education on all this from activist insiders who visit Plato’s.   An education for me and an education for other readers like me who have no specific affiliations to activist groups but are just simply 100% pro Palestine.

I don’t have an answer to “what now?”, post ‘Roundtable’, but I may come upon one if I had more information on hand, or was offered other people’s solution ideas for contemplation and brainstorming on.

We absolutely must start talking about how to bypass JVP’s powers within the community and proceed forward, without gatekeepers, to where much work for Palestine is waiting to be done.

I’m passing the microphone to all you informed-better-than-me readers:  what is your answer to “what now”?

We need an Einstein to step on stage.