Mondoweiss: Bird In A Cage

by Taxi

No doubt those of us who’ve been around the Mondoweiss block a few times have seen its gradual morphing from Phil Weiss’s sanguine personal blog to a media arm for the dubious JVP corp.

How visions change when the poet is reduced to using borrowed words:  waxing un-lyrical at the drunken image in the mirror.  How easy for some to abandon the principles of revolution in the name of small celebrity.  How sad that the bird should desire the cage.

All revolutions are about freedom. Let us not forget this when we find ourselves lost in a forest of waring ideas.

A leaderless cause is easy to infiltrate.  It’s easy for a snake to hide in the tall grass.  And in the history of political revolutions, many a good cause has died or been rendered ineffective from poison administered by insider infiltrators.

JVP’s evident gatekeeping, its divisive and destructive tactics beg for highlighting, for discussion and for action against it.   The facts stacked against them speak for themselves.  JVP are now held in high suspicion and low regard by many of their old and would-be supporters and sympathizers.  And the negative trend continues due to their uncompromising, self-authorized power-grabs and self-appointed dictatorial executive-ship.  The conclusion to draw from the damning facts is that JVP have been literally hunting down the best brains in the movement, knowing very well that weakening their brainy targets would indeed weaken the movement.  This level of self-serving cravenness, thought-policing, ruthless character-assassination and ruinous smears should not for a second be tolerated by anyone who lives for the cause of freedom for self and equally freedom for others.

It is not JVP’s place to determine what kind of Palestine narrative is ‘acceptable’, or what information should or should not circulate around the community.  They have not been elected by the majority to determine the boundaries of our discourse.  Everyone has an angle.  Different people have different levels of resistance to the Zionists’ symbiotic occupation of Washington and Historic Palestine.  There will be different levels of expression to this resistance, naturally – a variety of curiosity of thought is normal in a cauldron of people. But when a rogue group in the cauldron start behaving like an authoritarian government, it is time to dismiss them.  Spill them over.

Boycott them.

And this can easily be done: somewhat deflating their divisive influence and covert malevolence towards the Palestine cause.

But JVP need to hear this message loud and clear.  And they need to hear it now.  Everyone has a valuable voice – use it and express your disdain at JVP’s unacceptable skullduggery and dictatorship.  Act against JVP by stopping all donations and joint activism with them.  Let them know how deeply you disapprove of vile Zionist tactics used against members of the pro Palestine community, regardless of who is employing these fascistic and oppressive tactics..  If you are a JVP member and dissenting on this issue, it behooves you to gather like-minded souls and to form a separate branch, a separate name, a separate flagship.  It serves the survival of the cause to disassociate from the punctured boat and its drunk-on-power captain.

JVP have indeed by now earned themselves a very, very bad reputation.  One of unfettered narcissism and sabotage.

Wholeheartedly, in their defense, JVP will claim a long list of good they’ve indulged themselves in.  But what good is that when their very intentions towards the Palestine cause are now questionable?  No, there is no way out of this for them this time  round – no justification or excuse for kneecapping, with intent to destroy,  a stellar moralist and thinker such as Alison Weir.  If JVP are not halted now, they will do it again to another community ‘brain’.  This is a Zionist tactic:  kill the brains of the resistance and the people will be rendered lost and foggy and visionless.  Israel practiced this against the finest Palestinian intellectuals back in the 60’s and 70’s – a string of assassinations that led to a crisis in Palestinian leadership and to loss of unity and direction – decades and continuing: the Palestinian struggle is still suffering the reverberations of these high-valued leadership assassinations.  Assassinating the brain instead of the body is  a simple and most effective method of controlling resistance.  And prolonging an occupation.

Our beloved Mondoweiss is unfortunately now dependent on the patronage of JVP.  It is entangled and finds itself in a moral and careerist quandary.  Or does it?  Certainly, we of its community, ex MW members or otherwise, find ourselves in an unexpected and uncomfortable place.  Speaking only for myself here, I will say with an ache in my heart that I do not trust the editors of MW anymore.  I hardly ever visit now – I  often forget it exists.  I know they still put out good information here and there – but mostly it’s stuff that suffers from intellectual lackluster.  The commentary section has suffered the JVP fallout the worst.  Through JVP-imposed censorship, a loss of variety of educational points of view have demoted the energy of threads from excellent to mediocre.  This is the effect of the JVP embrace.

Mondoweiss will continue as is, no doubt – judging by the intellectually flaccid introduction Adam Horowitz penned yesterday when he finally and belatedly addressed the JVP/Weir controversy.  It is clear that the editors at MW will not be shifting their energies and policies away from JVP any time soon, if at all.  Indeed, it would seem that the editors and their minor celebrity jurno friends have entrenched themselves deeper and declared a full-on war on Ms. Weir and her supporters.  It is truly troubling that MW would lose their revolutionary spirit at this stage of the struggle, after all the good work they’ve done in bringing the plight of Palestinians especially to American audiences.  It is very disappointing to see MW editors choosing to align themselves with entities that practice an overt form of McCarthyism.

This is all just too sad and too bad…

The tree is leafy, the sky is open blue but alas, the bird sings blindfolded inside its cage.