Cedars, Sewers… and Plato’s Guns

by Taxi


One thing I can say about off-road camping under cedar trees is that it gently tilts the axis of your world-view.  It is impossible for human hands to plant seeds of hubris in the wilds of a cedar forest; or in any other grand, natural environment for that matter.  When you are standing before a majestic gathering of ancient trees, modern civilization is but an afterthought with a bitter aftertaste.  The inhaled pure life-force of the scented air may have something to do with one’s sudden altered state and the realization that the world you left behind is but a nightmare of increasing miseries.  The pointlessness of truth in the mouths of liars struck me the hardest on this camping trip.  It would take me years to elaborate on this philosophical point, but suffice it to say that when insidious liars and propagandists perpetually hijack the truth for their own political ends, the sheep of humanity indeed are hopelessly lost to the belly of the wolf.

I don’t know why for decades I thought that my humanitarian mission in life is to wake people up to the ugly lies and the pleasantly numbing fabrications that our sociopolitical systems the world over saturate us with.  No one planted that seed in me.  I don’t know why I internally sprouted this care and cultivated it into a forest of agonies.  I thought it the height of mass injustice for leaders, big or small, to force the majority of humanity to live and die still believing in delusional and destructive lies.  This disheartening state of affairs, this manipulation of man’s experience on earth has been going on since before recorded time and nary any change has occurred in the substance of man.  The unconscionable savagery is still there. It is shocking to realize that truth has been that pointless all along.  And so literally, after my first arduous mountain hike under a blazing sun; and after my first night of camp-out: after my insomniac eyes wrestled with thousands of pointlessly shining stars, I awoke the following day empty of earthly mission or care.  I awoke without the incessant compulsion to right the world with small hands.

And what a quiet morning moment that was.  What relief, what liberation to be neither witness nor savior.   A perfect bird song riding on a breeze was the only undesirable   interruption.  Undesirable, yes – because beautiful as it may have been, the silence that came before it was of a deeper fabric of beatitude.  It was good to know the silence of the mind – ephemeral, as it may have been.

Yes my first day out hiking amongst cedars was heady to say the least.  Memories of the insanities and violence of humankind came stampeding to the forefront.  I climbed a tree and ejected some forcefully with every heaving upward step.  High above, perched and crawling the swinging, prickly top branches, I gazed southwards, holy-land-wards, Palestine-wards.  Nothing but the cleanest air between me and the stench of war crimes I knew were being committed by the deranged state of Israel.   It was hard to fathom the depth of the twisted mythologies that Israelis live by.  I gazed eastwards and northwards, Syria-wards, and the inhuman Wahabi violence there too was just as impossible to fathom.  Westwards was the great blue Mediterranean and it felt, from my vantage point, that I had my back to the sea while a crescent of evil was attempting to forcefully encroach itself where birds sing when they’re looking for love.

Faraway agonies from Yemen, Bahrain, and every other country in the East and in the West under the hammer of injustice – all rushed at me in a giant and nauseating swarm.  I was sickened to the core to also think of the daily humiliation and torture of millions of mute and helpless animals at the hands of ignorant and cruel humans.  Why are humans the way they are?  Unchanged, unchangeable wretches.  It felt worse when I remembered that I was a feeble member of the malevolent species.  Can human villainy ever be cured?  I asked the same question in a hundred different ways.  No answers came forth as I descended the tree in what felt like a decent back into the insatiable madness of Terra Firma.

The night convulsed me and I could not sleep – my dogs sensing my troubled energy barked intermittently when normally they would sleep a silent ten hours – their loud barking bothered my camping companions and that made me feel even worse.  Eventually, I achieved shut-eye under blinding stars and when I awoke, it was late in the morning and my friends and dogs had already gone on a hike, leaving me a note.  Half-deflated, half-relaxed, I sat passive on a nearby rock and the stillness surrounding me pressed gently on me, squeezed the last residues of the hectic world gently out of me; folded me slowly like s silk fan.  I was empty of thoughts of the world and thoughts of self.  For several minutes, only my skeletal breathing being existed. It was then that my poignant fleeting revolution took place:  a short-lived moment of unwordable dimensions of understanding that was quickly sabotaged by an exquisite bird singing on a cedar branch.  No I did not curse the intrusive bird, but I did not delight in it either.  The folded fan simply didn’t care either way.  The illuminating moment had left me without a care.  Without an anxious purpose.  A golden neutral.

The next two days of camping and hiking were less world-weary and more personal.  I counted in months how long I’ve been in the Levant:  46 months – California by now was a mere memory.  I will be returning to Los Angeles shortly, but to do exactly what there?  I’m no longer interested in my old career – no other career interests me either.  How to pass productive time again in Los Angeles: city under the foul thumb of Zion?  Not an inviting prospect in the least.  I contemplated living by the beach and dedicating my full time to Plato’s:  upgrading it, expanding it, finally working towards a wider readership.  But it seemed like a futile endeavor in the face of my unexpected earlier illuminations and the pointlessness of, well… everything.

I am not a journalist – I have zero interest in being one.  I am a blogger – a natural exposer of media lies.  But I’ve lost my appetite for cyber chatter now.  I’ve lost my desire for collecting and sharing information on a daily basis.  I’ve lost interest in Plato’s daily routine.  I’m sick of reading lies by liars in the news – the same lies told in different ways by the same liars.  Thick wads of useless information taking up much too much room in my life experience.  I’d like to have clean, hubris-free zones in my brain again – plenty of them.  For what purpose?  I don’t know.  I just want them.  Back!

For diamond reason I want them back!

Let me now take you down to the sewers of mainstream media, to a place where only soul-whores wallow and thrive. Let me tell you that after four and a half months of Plato’s life, four and a half months of my daily saturation and microscopic study of the filthy innards of media, I now find myself more disgusted, more suspicious and even more anti mainstream media than ever before. I now regard their crimes against ‘we the people’ as being more diabolical and more treasonous than any corrupt politician on Capitol Hill.

I now consider mainstream media as Public Enemy number one. Worse than the worst of revolting politicians – as evil as mass murderers and child rapists and slave traders.  They are the real warmongers!   Their victims run in the billions and their crimes are committed in multiple ways daily – and in broad daylight, no less! The media willfully lie while promising you truth – treasured, oxygenated truth. But they have no desire to inform you of the truth – they have no intention of giving you ANYTHING! What they want is your mind. What they’re after is control of your mind. What they seek is to kidnap and suppress your individuality, your good instinctive morals, and your very own ultimate inalienable right to freedom of thought.  They distract you with their song and dance about ‘freedom of speech’, but what about freedom of thought?!  Freedom of thought is more essential to the progress of mankind than anything – yet they will absolutely not allow you this natural and vital right.

For them, it is all about words – semantics is their weapon. Clever fuckers with university degrees have had huge success, unimaginable success – but success through mass-manipulation and the practice of the dark arts of hubris.  A morally debauched success!  The are responsible for all the wars erupting on our planet. And they are fully responsible for the dumbing down of Americans, for all the hostile divisions in our country; for making us a laughing stock in the eyes of better-informed yet poorer nations – for making us ridiculed and hated around the world. Our mainstream media is the most corrupt in the whole goddamn world and not a drop of respect should be given to them for all the ruinous mind-thieving  they’ve committed against the American people for decades and continuing.

They lie, they fib, they tarradiddle, they whoop and wallop, they fabricate, manufacture, concoct, vamp up, vamp down, vamp sideways and upside down – they spin, they hatch, falsify, fake, exaggerate, undermine, fictionalize, doctor up, cherry-pick, misinform, deceive, devise, fob, dupe, cheat, bamboozle, befool, and out and out swindle their loyal paying readers on a continuous and daily basis. They practice shameful, immoral mass mind control on our society as a whole – generation after generation – their goal is to continue dis-empowering ‘we the people’.  They are dangerous ideologues in a position of subtle but great power. They are in essence craven politicians who are too cowardly to run for office themselves.

They are insidious, smarmy impersonators of truth.

I can tell you right now I respect not a single mainstream media institution in America – not a single member of them is worthy of respect by me or by any other good American.  We can vote politicians out of office, we can close down their offices, but we have no powers to do the same with our mainstream media. We are stuck with them.  They are a constant source of evil that has glued itself to society under the pretense of being ‘one of us’. They are society’s elite leeches feeding off brainwashed minds. They are damn well not one of us! They are the ultimate enemy within: beware, be-fucking-ware!

Clearly, my camping trip detoxed me from their foul mind games and now that I’m back, well, readers and friends, frankly I have less interest in running Plato’s. You’ll excuse me therefore if a couple of days, maybe even more, pass every now and then without a pip-squeak from me. As much as I’ve absolutely loved running a daily newsstand, I am now realizing and rejecting my unnecessary over-exposure to the criminal msm.  I will not have my brain saturating in the dark sewers of media again.  I will leave that to the fucking journalists who favor the foul flavor of excrement.

A new, less taxing, less unsavory direction is needed for Plato’s. Therefore, from here on, expect less post-up of articles from me.  And just so you know, there is actually hardly any news of consequential importance taking place at any given time, but the media will have you think otherwise with it’s endless regurgitations and headline bluffs .  Only articles of prime importance will be posted  at Plato’s – and if one doesn’t appear in the press, then I will not be posting secondary picks – I will not even be reading them. I have by now developed the skill of gleaning a whole article just from reading the headline and the writer’s name.

Maybe the extra time on hand will allow me to write more commentary and more original articles or analysis. Who knows what I will do with my sudden extra time?

Certainly not dicing for pearls in the sewers of America’s mainstream media!

Oh Enitharmon!

Let go your grip of the world!