Camping versus Blogging

by Taxi

Dear Readers and Friends,

Tomorrow  I’ll be going camping for a couple of days with friends and dogs – there is no internet connection in the wilds of the ceder mountains where I’m heading so there will be no new activities on Platos till later on in the week.

It’s a much needed break for me – being the only single-handed administrator on Plato’s can get a bit grueling at times, especially when other life stuff keeps randomly popping up and demanding my attention.  Also, I’m truly and profoundly sick to death of reading so much lying, petty bullshit in the news on a daily basis.

I will post up some new stuff today, depending on my time availability.  Do please visit Plato’s archives for any articles you may have missed.

I’ll leave you with an astute Frank Zappa observation:

Politics Is The Entertainment Division Of The Military Industrial Complex”.

Dwell on that nugget till I get back.

Hope y’alll enjoying your summertime.