Media And Nothingness

by Taxi

I’m so freaking bored today.  Scanning through numerous news sites and their silly headlines.  I really can’t take it anymore.  Since the Iran deal signing, nothing but drab sci-fi from the losers.  Even worse, nothing but tepid modesty from the winners.

How long will this media nothingness go on for?

Maybe it’s just me and I’m on news overload.

More like bullshit overload.

I’m so freaking disinterested – I have to literally force my hands to type this.

What’s the big deal about the news anyway?  Nothing but liars talking about liars and their lying ways in there.  Even the good press lies.  It’s all word deception.  Sophisticated transference of fickle ideologies.  Fabricated tapestries for the bare walls of life.  Ingenious escapism from the tedium of slow human evolution.

…  Think I’ll go watch a blade of grass brown out slowly in the sun.