An Iranian Sunday

by Taxi

I just wanted to put it out there that today, on the eve of the historic Iran nuke deal signing, the western media led by barking, frothing, hysterical Netanyahu, sure is full of dumb, downer headlines and endless ragging on Obama and Iran and even Putin thrown in (Rubio challenged Putin in his Vegas speech, lol) – but mostly, our msm is taking dirty aim at Iran.

I couldn’t even be bothered to finish reading the articles let alone post them here on Plato’s.  I’ll spare you the utter waste of time in a pointless indulgence.  A coordinated politician and media attack on an issue that clearly the majority of Americans want is really the only thing to take away from this frantic hubbub.  A coordinated attack: media and politician versus the people, here – is what we got. These bombastic saboteurs are under orders from a foreign leader to attack our sitting president and to destroy anything that doesn’t please this foreign master.  Our home-grown traitors are choosing enslavement by a foreign country over their patriotic duty to an elected president and to us, the majority who want the Iran deal to go through.  Worst of all, they’re doing their treasonous pogo dance shamelessly and loudly and  in our faces.  It’s treason pie in the face of America.  All these media and politician fuckers who claim a higher moral ground should be in church on a Sunday praying for peace for our country instead of working to take our country to war at the behest of a foreign leader and against the wishes of both president and we the people.

This is not normal, folks, and we mustn’t let them normalize this appalling level of treason.

My advice, fuck the media today – don’t bother with it – go spend the day in the summery outdoors away from all the bainwashed, puerile media cave-dwellers beating their hollow chests .   Have yourselves a nice Iranian Sunday: eat, pray, nap, eat some more, nap again, read a short poem, smell a flower and love life.

So for today, no further Iran articles will appear.  Tomorrow Plato’s will share deal-signing articles and a feature penned by yours truly.

Till then, happy Iranian Sunday everybody!