*Max Blumenthal Huffs and Puffs and Slanders Alison Weir, Again — Scott Free/Gilad Atzmon

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On June 30th 2015, I attended a book signing and talk by Max Blumenthal presenting his newest book, The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza.  I arrived about halfway through his talk, being familiar with what Max has said in the past, I didn’t feel the need for a lecture, but I was up for the Q and A. His lecture and the questions that followed really hammered home how barbaric and racist Israeli “Jewish” culture has become. Max did not seem to pull any punches; in the Q and A he emphasized how in control of the politicians the Jewish/Zionist money had become of both Republicans and Democrats. He talked about the renewed efforts to smear and defame Palestinian Solidarity Activists especially on campuses, and how big money has been brought into this fight and how the risks of being called an anti-Semite and defamed had increased.

One questioner asked why Israel had let him back in the country especially after he had written Goliath. His response was that it was probably because he was Jewish. Most of the questions were fairly soft ball and no rabid Zionist was in the audience.

I am aware of the smear campaign being launched by Jewish Voices for Peace against Alison Weir. Knowing her work well, as well as personally knowing her, I found this attack beyond outrageous. While Max was signing books I approached various activists I knew in the audience talking up Alison Weir and denouncing the attacks against her.

Finally the last book was signed, the line was through. I approached Max and said I had perhaps a controversial question. I asked what he thought about the JVP attack on Alison Weir. His response was vitriolic, he said that he had signed on to denounce Alison Weir and that having sat on panels with her he had concluded that she was anti-Semitic! I said “what are you talking about, she is not racist” He said that her book was full of fables and conspiracy theories about Zionist control of the US way back, and that the Zionists were even to blame for getting the US into WWI; also Alison has defended the worst of the worst; Gilad Atzmon!. I said “Do you deny the existence of Parushim?” He said “I don’t want to talk about that” Then he went on to say he knew my type and that I was a white supremacist, American firster and that I was anti-semetic. I said you don’t know anything about me, that is slander and bullshit”.

With that our discussion was over and Max packed up his books on the way to Berkely where according to his twitter feed, Rabid racist Zionist awaited to call him the anti-semite! http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/eve/5090971830.html

My analysis is that Atzmon and Weir represent Max’s worst fear, the fear of losing control of the “narrative”.  Atzmon’s decision to leave Israhell and drop being Jewish represents the sort of reaction that most of the world would expect. Why do these Israelis insist on being such assholes? Why don’t they just join the human race? Why don’t they realize that the Palestinians are the best part of Palestine and that their Liberation is far more important than this outdated notion of “Jewishness”.

Why do I get into these arguments when I really already know how they will go? I go, because I realize that cracking this nut depends on splitting up this “Identity”.  It is starting to happen: Atzmon freaks them out; others now have joined him; I invite still other “self identified Jews” to become whistle blowers and truth-tellers like Gilad Atzmon.

Scott Free

via Max Blumenthal on Alison Weir — Gilad Atzmon.

*Plato’s Note:  It woulda been cool if Gilad had included a little info on this ‘Scott Free’ character.