Who Guards The Dog?

by Taxi

The American pro Palestine community is divided. Clearly, there is an aggressive attempt by a certain Jewish camp to dominate the narrative and set the boundaries of freedom of speech within the community. On the other hand, there are the resistors to this attempted domination.  I will not go into parsing the details of the JVP-Weir wars here, as they’re already known.  But I will say this:  to question authority using the sword of reason is healthy and in fact it is a necessary activity.

The pro Palestine community has two kinds of infiltrators:  the despicable antisemite and the despicable anti-gentile.  A Jewish contingency within the community, more specifically JVP, has taken it upon themselves to weed out the antisemite amongst us using McCarthy-like tactics and their fault-susceptible broad definition of an antisemite.   I understand the absolute necessity of weeding out undesirables – but it has to be done for non-personal and legitimate reasons – and the ousting must be agreed upon by both Jew and Gentile groups, and not just solely by one side.

To do this justly, only facts need be presented. In other words: facts, regardless of who presents them, should be the only measure and material used.

In a leaderless community, it is imperative that no group self-appoints itself as gatekeeper without the consent of the majority of other groups. Otherwise, the community risks falling into a dictatorship; or falling into hostile divisions where the shared good cause is consequently lost to the wind. Neither scenario is desirable for the Palestine community in the USA.

By now, it’s become a fact that JVP has used the ‘antisemite’ smear too many times against genuine and important pro Palestine supporters and without clear and detailed explanation – and unilaterally so. This pattern of behavior is now itself suspect and necessitates an examination of their agenda towards the suffering Palestinians. Are they in support of the Palestinian issue out of scratchy guilt or out of true universalism? Do they view a Palestinian in suffering through a Judaic prism or a Universalist one? Of course, they have every right to view it through a Jewish lens, but then this would render them myopic as central leaders to the cause and therefore unreliable in their judgment – abuse of power usually follows myopia, and it has.

Let me remind JVP here that the cause is about Palestine and not about American Jews and their sensitivities, real or imagined. Palestine is the primary victim we should be tending to here and not the American Jew. And if they insist on putting their Jewish issue above all else, then they expose their own narcissistic agenda and lose vital credibility to ‘lead’ other groups, or even to speak on behalf of Palestinians.

Let me also say that I doubt that a single Palestinian thinks that JVP-USA alone will actually deliver them justice either in congress or in the holy land – in any measure.  It behooves them therefore, if their concern for Palestine is genuine, to work with other gentiles and to do it on equitable terms and with no prejudice or personal vendettas involved.

What JVP have been doing and continue doing seems to me to the PR benefit of the American Jewish community and not to the primary and principled cause of Palestinian liberation. There is way too much kosher kabuki being performed and it is destructive as it is a serious distraction to the cause. Is this done on purpose for sabotage or is this a pathological addiction to drama? Whatever it is, it just has to stop!

JVP has created a poisonous wedge in the community and the Palestine cause is suffering for it. You cannot honorably lead by dividing – dividing is what dictators and colonialists and imperialists do. And that is not what the pro Palestinian community should be about. No single group should self-appoint itself as guard dog either. Because if they do, then who guards the dog?

Well, we the people should guard the dog when self-appointed leaders behave capriciously and vainly. Caring individuals should guard the dog and sound off the alarm when the dog barks at imaginary shadows in the night.

I encourage the readers to question the agenda of JVP as well as their alternative media affiliates. Due to their own divisive behavior, we now doubt them. We need to know for certain what these people are actually about and not just take them at face value just because they have a nice poetic name. We need to be assured that these people are not practicing covert anti-gentilism under the cover of pro Palestine. We need to weed them out, if indeed they are agents against change in Palestine, in the same manner that we weed out the anti-Semite. We do this with rigorous and unprejudiced examination of their actions and statements combined. We arrive at a determination through reason and through documented fact.

The jury is still out on the JVP issue, but their pattern of brutal hostility towards others who have a different experience and understanding of Jews and Zionism leaves us no other option but to question them and their motives in return. Abuse of the smear of ‘antisemite’ in the community and outside the community is never acceptable and it is not to be tolerated in any measure.

And anti-gentilism as a response to anti-Semitism, real or imagined, is never acceptable and is not to be tolerated in any measure either.

Who guards the dog? We do. We do. Us, the people do.

Time to start guarding the dog and closely examining every bark.

Neither antisemite nor anti-gentile is welcomed in the pro Palestine community. This, I hope, we can all agree on.