When Pathos Is King

by Taxi

R.I.P. Charleston victims and all other victims of violent racism.

Sure Jon is sincere but is he so foolish as to think that banning a flag will actually stop racism in America?  Or anywhere else in the world for that matter?

To me, as an American presently located in the southern Levant, exposed daily via local media to pictorial and film reels of people being mascaraed in their houses of worship and elsewhere, exposed to the wanton torture of civilians and prisoners of war etc., well… I see no difference between a suicide bomber blowing himself up in a crowded mosque and the mass shooting massacre that took place in the Charleston Church a few days ago.

The church shooting is an example of what goes on around here 24/7 and no one around here has suggested that banning the ISIS flag would be an effective way to address the problem of extremists and their use of violence for political ends.  I’m against the banning of ANY flag – I find the fact that people want to even ‘debate’ this issue is in itself beyond ridiculous.

We’re being inundated with (media weapons of mass) distractions here, especially from the liberal zio media.  Fact is, the murderer, by his own admission intended to start a race war – therefore he has committed an act of terrorism inspired by racist hatred.  He is a terrorist because he intended his mass murder to affect the political landscape.  This is the universal definition of terrorist/terrorism.

It also strikes me here that neither our government or our media are in a position to judge the shooter as they are both active and complicit in promoting grander acts of terrorism overseas themselves – like destroying whole middle eastern countries including numerous houses of worship where people had taken refuge and sat there praying.  I’d like for them to shut the fuck up and let the people of our country take the microphone and express themselves, their grief and their wisdom without state or media interference or direction.  The media especially should stfu and stop pretending that it’s a moral instrument in our society, leading calls for this and that, with sad violins in the background for that added Hollywood effect.

Do not buy the media’s narrative on this.   This is a case of home-grown terrorism.  It does not need a snazzy re-definition by hypocrites.  It needs sober study and assessment and respect of the law of the land.  It needs the people of our country to address their own flavor and varying degree of racism without the media and the frigging government telling them to do this and that bullshit.

Heartfelt sentiment aside, Jon Stewart provided no real substance in his monologue.  Pathos was king and the way out was nowhere to be found.