Evil, Thy Name Is Military Industrial Complex

by Taxi

Attacking Yemen – experimenting on the poorest populations in the world – yet again.

The Global Military Industrial Complex.  Hope y’all out there realize that they’ll never let us bankrupt their businesses or disarm their clients.  They will kill us all way before they ever let that happen.

They are insanely wealthy and they have all the guns in the world – literally.  We don’t stand a chance against them in this context.

It’s a mind-fuck downer, I know.  But that’s what we and the rest of decent humanity are up against.  Worth remembering this every now and then. Dead real.

Suits in black who work in the shadows.  They suffer from an inverted narcissism.   Camera-shy, headline-shy, spotlight-shy: anonymous movers and shakers of the world.  Just like god.  But they have common names like you and I and most other people.  They are not abstract – they exist – as deviant humanity.

Their biggest fear is universalism. This is their doom.  That’s why this is the first step to collectively arrive at to even begin to confront this colossal darkness amongst us – staggering immorality our children are set to forever inherit.

The Military Industrial Complex is not an ordinary business; it is an ostentatious and atrocious menace.  Its elite operators can destroy us all in a New York minute – that’s how goddam powerful they are.  But they don’t do that.  If they did, they’d have no clients and no playthings to kill tomorrow.  Instead, they annihilate in drips and drabs – they mark out easy targets: poverty-struck populations; sprinkle a little war here and a little war there and then a big one every now and then to empty out old stock.  They aim to practice controlled warfare – gambling with 7 billion people’s lives.  Controlled warfare, we can estimate, is as safe as a heroin shot to the heart.

Worst of all, they distract us all with something called ‘politics’ – busy us with fret and chatter about petty corruptions and catty divisions.  They want us to forget about them – they want us distracted with the politics of war: with warmongering politicians and war criminals and not with the masters of war – the architects, instigators and executioners of war. Politics as a weapon of mass distraction.  Culture and media as weapons of mass distraction.  Everything with mass appeal as weapon of mass distraction.  And while we’re busy working to pay taxes and bills and arguing politics and lifestyle in between, they’re quietly and insidiously expanding their industrial death compounds and planning the next capricious, lawless mass slaughter – selling arms to both sides of a conflict that can actually be solved without the use of deadly violence.

So how to stop this ultimate evil racket that is holding back the progress of humanity and causing untold horrific suffering?  Is it impossible to do such a thing – can we stop them, can we?  They have everything and we have nothing but each other.  Not much of a weapon, I know,  but that’s all we’ve got to work with.

Maybe a blind chemist will one day invent an enlightenment pill and we can slip them this guru-roofy when their drink is left unattended.