Saudi Arabia: A strategy of own-goalism

by Taxi

Man!  The House of Saud is so pissed it can’t win in Yemen and it still can’t stop Iran’s spreading regional hegemony – so much so that for a few years now the Saudi regime has been sending out armies of terrorists to behead, cannibalize, rape, loot, pillage, mass murder and indiscriminately destroy human and animal life – wipe out ancient monuments and  desecrate profound histories right across the Arab fold – and all this wanton death and mayhem: just to stop Iran’s organic progress as a regional power.

All over the middle east and especially in the Levant, the wicked House of Saud has been hyper-actively spreading what can only be only described as an epic Hollywood Blockbuster production of blood and gore, down to the immaculate styling of their black-clad terrorist army and their Hollywood-cheeseball black flags.

Saudi Arabia has spent trillions of Petrodollars on killing Levant Arabs in the past handful of years and the Axis of Resistance there has taken the punches and bled, but it has not fallen.   So far, all signs and facts on the ground indicate that the Resistance will continue resisting with gusto. It appears therefore that the Saudi project is unable to succeed in its geo-military aims, given their immense resources and the length of time this death project is taking.   They cannot close the war deal and they are by now truly and blindly desperate for results to appease the growing home-Wahabi discontent and insecurity at the rise of the regional Axis of Resistance, spearheaded by Iran.

Right now, despairing, the humiliated and strategy-challenged Saudi royals appear to have suddenly moved their terror operations to INSIDE Saudi territory – sending out a Pakistani sunni terrorist yesterday to detonate himself in a Saudi shia mosque, in a city directly facing Shia Iran – a short boat ride away, in fact.

What the royal Wahabis have done by activating this suicide mission is that they’ve now created a sectarian environment inside Saudi territory.  This is indeed a new, and foolish beyond words, trend.  We are no longer surprised by Saudi Arabia’s bolshy show of force, no – but we are shocked at the continuing ruinous folly of their war strategy.

So they bomb their own people and instigate what would lead to a sectarian war on their own soil just to send a macho message to Iran?!  There is no other word to  describe the House of Saud’s regional foreign policy here except for the word ‘stupid’.  They are stupid, stupid, stupid!

A frenzied Saudi stupidity stuck in perpetual own-goalism.

Iran will never take the bait and get drawn into a sunni-shia warfare purposely instigated by Saudi Arabia – a war where Iran will be forced to attack Saudi Arabia so that the USA can then come to Saudi aid and attack Iran on Saudi (and israeli) behalf.

The shia mosque bombing inside Saudi Arabia today has the Wahabi fingerprint all over it.  It is the first visceral sign that the door to a very, very bloody Saudi Spring has just cracked open.