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US Ambassador Dan Shapiro said on Monday that between Israel and the Palestinians, “peace is necessary, peace is just and peace is possible.”

Speaking at the Israel Bar Association Conference in Eilat Shapiro said, “even where politics on both sides make negotiations unlikely” there is still a need to “find ways to remind both sides of that truth.”
The ambassador also discussed the dispute between Israel and the US on nuclear negotiations with Iran.

He said that even where the two sides disagree about the tactics, “we share the same goal, that Iran never get a nuclear weapon.”

Further, Shapiro came out strong against recent attempts by the Palestinian Authority to join the International Criminal Court.

He said that the US opposes the PA move and will “use all tools at its disposal to combat delegitimization against Israel.”

Shapiro added that the US opposes “unilateral moves from any side,” including moves by Israel to increase the settlements.

After his speech, Shapiro spoke briefly to The Jerusalem Post and discussed the Obama [US President Barack Obama] administration’s war on terror.

Responding to former US Congress House Intelligence Committee Head Peter Hoekstra’s comments late sunday at the conference that the Obama administration has not defined its policy for fighting terror, Shapiro discussed several aspects of Obama’s anti-terror policy.

He said Obama has “always been clear that terrorists” in countries around the world “are fair game” with no ability to escape being attacked merely by crossing national borders.

Shapiro added that in that regard Obama’s use of drones had been strong and effective,

The US Ambassador said that Obama had built a coalition against Islamic State, including air strikes and even the recent targeted use of ground troops.

Regarding the dispute over how much the US National Security Agency, Shapiro told the Post that Obama’s policy was to use “the strongest measure of tools to pursue and fight terrorists,” while at the same time respecting US citizens liberties.

Regarding the “reassessment” of relations with Israel, Shapiro clarified that this would not impact security and defense cooperation or even the US’s defense of attempts to delegitimize Israel on the diplomatic scene.

Rather, it was more a question of how to keep the two state solution alive in lieu of a concrete negotiation process.

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