Commemorating The Palestinian Nakba: 1948 And Ongoing…

by NewsStand

Fairouz Sings Zahrat Al Madaan (English subtitles)

This is undoubtedly the most famous and most beloved song about Palestine in the Arab world.  Anthemic, a classic that’s soulfully dear to the hearts of Palestinians and their supporters across the wider Arab lands. It is the audio blueprint of the collective Arab people’s emotional resistance to the zionist occupation of Palestine.  The pathos of the song as well as  the message are embraced and deeply ingrained into at least several hundred million Arabs.  I’m posting it up cuz I feel that it offers windows of insights into the collective heart of the ‘Arab street’ and its unexplored relationship with the Nakba, past and present.  Arab governments inaction aside, how do Arab ‘people’ really feel about the Palestinian cause?  This song will perhaps offer an indication and a tune to remember.

R.I.P.  to all the fallen in Palestine.  Salutations to all the brave.