by Taxi

A few days ago, Jamie Dettmer wrote a piece for the Daily Beast: “Shaky Assad Sacks an Intel Chief”: https://platosguns.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/shaky-assad-sacks-an-intel-chief-jamie-dettmerthe-daily-beast/ce

In his article Dettmer claims that Bashar’s top intelligence guy had been sacked after a string of failures on the battlefield and some kinda weird infighting with the Iranians.  Throughout the article, Dettmer was basically goading his readers into believing that Bashar’s grip on power was “shaky”, slipping  etc.

Well, as it happens, QuestionMark, an occasional Plato blogger/writer, sent me photographic evidence that completely exposes Jamie Dettmer as a willful liar and propagandist.

It turns out that Bashar’s intelligence posse is all intact, alive and kicking it with their Tehrani counterpart buddies who are on an official visit to Syria.

This picture above was taken today, 13th May, 2015.  Mamlouk (the guy who was supposedly fired), is the first to the left of Bashar. The one on the right is Ala’ Udeen Brougordy, chairman of the National Security & Foreign Affairs at the Iranian Consultative Council.

Although the picture is distributed by SANA (Syria News Agency), the meeting did place and the picture is of Mamlouk.