Yemen Shoots Down Another Saudi Warplane – Farsnews

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The Yemeni air defense system hit the warplane in Hoor region in Ma’areb province in Northeastern part of San’a, Masa Press quoted eyewitnesses as saying on Monday.

On Friday, a Saudi F-15 fighter jet has crashed in the Gulf of Aden as the Kingdom’s offensive against Yemen continues.

The US Air Force claimed it rescued two Saudi pilots Friday after they ejected from their F-15 fighter jet over the Gulf of Aden during operations against Yemen.

According to the US Air Force report, the Saudi jet suffered some mechanical problem forcing the pilots to eject. A US Air Force Pave Hawk special operations helicopter and crew were dispatched from Djibouti to rescue the Saudi pilots.

Saudi Arabia requested assistance on Thursday afternoon Washington time (early Friday morning in the Middle-East) from the US after the airmen ejected from their plane.

Later on Friday, the Yemeni army arrested a Saudi pilot after bringing down a hostile fighter jet in the capital, Sana’a.

The Saudi pilot was arrested while staging air raids against people in the area of Bani Ziad, North of Sana’a.

The Yemeni army also brought down a Saudi surveillance aircraft over the West of Sana’a on Friday.

The Yemeni army backed by Ansarullah forces have also shot down two F16 fighter jet of the Saudi-led coalition, including one from the UAE.

Late on Friday, informed sources revealed that the Saudi army had raided Yemen’s strategic missile systems, including the Arab country’s Scud and surface-to-air SAM missiles, but failed to disarm or damage the missile shields.

“Saudi Arabia failed to damage Yemen’s Scud and SAM missile systems,” Al-Masa website quoted an informed Yemeni military source as saying on Friday.

He underlined that Yemen’s air defense systems are stationed in mountainous areas and the Saudi airstrikes have failed to destroy them.

Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for five days now, killing, at least, 70 civilians and injuring hundreds more.

Five Persian Gulf States — Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait — and Egypt that are also assisted by Israel and backed by the US have declared war on Yemen in a joint statement issued earlier Thursday.

US President Barack Obama authorized the provision of logistical and intelligence support to the military operations, National Security Council Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan said late Wednesday night.

She added that while US forces were not taking direct military action in Yemen, Washington was establishing a Joint Planning Cell with Saudi Arabia to coordinate US military and intelligence support.

Riyadh claimed that it has bombed the positions of the Ansarullah fighters and launched attacks against the Sana’a airport and the Dulaimi airbase.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is attacking Ansarullah positions, Saudi warplanes have flattened a number of homes near Sana’a international airport.

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