Israel’s Defense Ministry Successfully Tests Missile Propulsion System – ibtimes

by NewsStand

Israel successfully test launched a ballistic missile propulsion system for satellite delivery from a base in the central part of the country, Israeli defense ministry announced Tuesday. The test launch comes nearly a month after the country tested a new missile defense system developed in partnership with the United States.

The latest test launch “has been planned by the security establishment for a long time and carried out as planned,” the ministry said in a statement, obtained by Haaretz. The trail of the rocket, following the launch, was visible over parts of central Israel, prompting many observers to record it with their cameras.

The missile used by Israel to launch satellites into orbit is called “Shavit,” which is based on the Israeli ballistic Jericho missile, Haaretz reported, adding that the country has conducted several missile system tests, mostly focused on interception.

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