In wake of last year’s war in Gaza, Defense Ministry ramps up orders for new APCs – Jerusalem Post

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As part of lessons learned during Operation Protective Edge last summer and the growing need for advanced armored personnel carriers, Israel has signed a 310 million dollar contract with General Dynamics for the production of additional Namer APCs.

The platforms will come with Rafael’s Trophy active protection system on board, offering defenses against shoulder-held missile and mortar attacks, common in combat in Gaza and southern Lebanon.

A Defense Ministry delegation in the US signed an agreement with General Dynamics for the purchases of frames and systems to manufacture additional Namer vehicles, the ministry announced on Tuesday.

The new systems will begin arriving in Israel over the next six years. The contract comes after an earlier deal with the American L3 company to produce Namer engines, worth 250 million dollars.

“The Namer is considered to be the most protected armored combat vehicle in the world, which proved its abilities during fighting in Operation Protective Edge against many threats,” the Defense Ministry said.

The vehicle saved the lives of many soldiers who were inside during attacks, it added.

All of the new Namers will be equipped with Rafael’s Trophy system, which “scored big successes in defending the Merkava tanks during Operation Protective Edge,” the ministry said. Trophy will provide significant protection to every APC that gets it, it added.

The Namer’s frame will be purchased in the US with American military aid money, while kits and systems will be manufactured in dozens of Israeli factories. The final assembly process will take place at the IDF’s Renovation and Maintenance Center at the Tel Hashomer military complex.

Some 200 factories in Israel, many of them in peripheral areas, employing some 10,000 people, are taking part in the production of the Merkava 4 and Namer APC platforms.

More than 90% of the Merkava 4 tank’s components are produced by Israeli defense industries.

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