A Musical Sunday Greeting To All Suffering Arabs Refugeed by Zionist and Takfiri Occupation

by NewsStand

Mawtini (my homeland)

My homeland, my homeland
Glory and beauty, sublimity and splendor
Are in your hills, are in your hills
Life and deliverance, pleasure and hope
Are in your air, are in your air
Will I see you? Will I see you?
Safely comforted and victoriously honored
Safely comforted and victoriously honored
Will I see you in your eminence?
Reaching to the stars, reaching to the stars
My homeland, my homeland

Mawtini (“My Homeland”) is a popular poem written by the Palestinian poet Ibrahim Touqan circa 1934. It was the de facto national anthem of Palestine since then and until 1967. It is also recognized in Syria and Algeria, as well as other Arab states, as an anthem as to show their support for the Palestinian cause. The original music was composed by Muhammad Fuliefil. During the years it became very popular through the Arab world.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mawtini