Saudi Arabia In The Footsteps Of Israel – QuestionMark/Plato’s Guns

by NewsStand

Similarities abound between the Saudi regime’s futile attempt at crushing the Yemeni resistance (Houthis), and Israel’s repeated failures to destroy the Lebanese resistance (Hizbollah).

The most notable similarities to observers are:

1- Both Israel and the Saudi regime initiated military aggressions so ill conceived to begin with and therefore consequently doomed to failure in the light of declared military objectives.

2- Both exhibited clear signs of narcissism and of being power-drunk with the quantity and quality of the military hardware at their disposal, yet both suffered from low intelligence gathering that denied them strikes against any fortune-changing military targets.

3- Both have procured their traditional weapons of mass destruction (no other way to identify the weaponry used) from their main patron: the USA.

4- Both aggressors went on murderous campaigns of indiscriminate killing of innocent, unarmed civilians, as well as the wholesale destruction of private property and public infrastructure, once they realized that the opposition would not relent in its policies and strategic positions. Numbers emanating from both Israeli and Saudi aggressions paint a picture of utter inhumanity and mass civilian destruction. In the case of Yemen, about 24 days of constant bombing from air resulted in the deaths of over 2500 Yemenis, mainly civilians, with at least 150 children killed, 100 women killed, plus hundreds more injured and maimed. These figures bare great similarity in civilian victim count to Israel’s repeated assaults on Gaza and Lebanon populations.

5- Both Israel and Saudi Arabia elected to utilize air bombings instead of putting boots-on-the-ground; reasoning that the price that will have to be paid for ground operations will be too much to bear.

6- Both embarked on what can only be deemed as a PR campaign to ‘beautify’ their military failure against a weaker enemy. The PR did not resonate with global humanitarian missions or the global public at large, causing Saudi Arabia and Israel palpable loss of regional and global prestige.

7- Both aggressors were ultimately defeated through their inability to achieve their set military targets, and their strategic zone of influence dramatically narrowed.

8- Both have obsessively and for decades striven to destroy Pan-Arabism and the Levant resistance groups.

9- Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have supported and encouraged the spread of Wahabism and Wahabi terrorism across the Middle East and beyond.

10- Both have a mortal fear of Iran.

Makes one wonder:  are Saudis and Israelis enemies?  Are they frenemies?  Are they first cousins?