Plato’s Guns Is One Month Old Today – Plans For Expansion

by Taxi

I would like to earnestly thank all visitors to my blog.  Please take this opportunity to give me feedback in the comments section, if you have any  – I’ll do my best to get to it.  I hope your experience at Plato’s has been both informative and enjoyable.

At this stage of the blog’s development, I will now be presenting more original articles and analysis by various bloggers and writers, as well as occasional pieces by yours truly.

I am very honored today to present you with the  first writer/blogger, QuestionMark, whose first article will appear today on Plato’s.   I have known QuestionMark for many years and although he has been a ‘retired’ blogger for a good 5 years, I have managed to persuade him to now come forth and share with us some of his keen insights into the middle east. QuestionMark is an expert on East-West relations and diplomacy, as well as Arab political history.  He is fluent in both English and Arabic, and he daily monitors both Arab and Western media.  Please feel free to pose any question to him regarding the ME – he is a generous and generously informed gentlemen.