Israel’s Pathological Kleptomania

by NewsStand

Israel is attempting to usurp the image of the delicate poppy flower,  indigenous and genteel symbol of Palestinian martyrdom since 1948, to use in future tourism campaigns and to promote it as the new symbol of Israeliness.  Civil groups in Ramallah are rushing to register the image as  Palestinian intellectual property.  A legal fight is expected over this issue.  (Reported by Almayadeen TV News).

Let us recall here that EVERYTHING israel lays claim to or already possess – usually by brute force – has been stolen from Palestinians and other neighboring Arab countries.  Begs the question here:  does Israel actually legitimately own anything that is truly 100% its own?  For the life of me I can’t think of a single object or idea that is quintessentially ‘Israeli’ except for Jewish Apartheid – and that’s not exactly a perfumed commodity that can be sold at the global markets.

A more apt flower for Israel to use is the poisonous Hemlock flower that stinks of rotten parsnip and dead dogs bloated in the sun.  History tells us that Socrates was sentenced to death by poison and thus forced to drink a large measure of it.  Apart from its profoundly offensive scent, the Hemlock’s poison slowly travels from the toes upwards in the body, painfully paralyzing the limbs and slowly cutting off oxygen to all vital organs, eventually collapsing the lungs and causing intense brain convulsions and an agonizing heart attack.  Here one cannot help but think that zionist conquest behaves in the same way, making the Hemlock a more fitting symbol of ‘Israeliness’.

You cannot poppy-wash Apartheid with your poppycock Mr. and Mrs. Israel.  You came empty-pursed to the Levant to kill, conquer and loot and you will end up departing likewise.   Serial kleptos in small neighborhoods usually end up getting chased out of town or dragged off to jail – and if you’re in Saudi Arabia, you will get your hands chopped off for thieving.

Point is:  the whole world now knows who the lying, thieving, mass-murderer in the holy land is and its plain name is Israel.  Poppy this and poppy that will not change how the world now sees Zionist Israel and its despicable practice of Apartheid.