Reflections on War Crimes and Citizen Responsibility – by Cloak And Dagger

by NewsStand

It is so sad to look at the world and realize that it is we who are the perpetrators of evil and the cause of so much strife and sorrow in the world.

It is we who caused the coup in Iran and destroyed their democracy. It is we who have enabled Israel and Saudi Arabia all these years to rain terror on the innocents. It is we who are enabling the death and destruction in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan. It is we who killed those people in Vietnam, Korea, …, the list goes on.

Here we stand, fresh blood still dripping from our dagger, and condemn as we might the actors on the stage who unleash carnage in our name, it is we who allow them to persist year after year.

There is a special place in hell for us. I hope that those of us who throw our bodies into the machine will be spared.