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Following Barack Obama’s lead, America’s Democrats have turned sour on traditional U.S. support for Israel.

So badly have members of the president’s party turned away from Israel, that more Democrats now see Mexico — you read that correctly, Mexico– as a closer ally of the United States than Israel, which Democrat President Harry Truman first recognized as a nation in 1948.

Just in time for Passover, the growing negative views of Israel by the Obama administration and its supporters carries serious foreign policy and national security implications for both Israel and the U.S., at least for the remaining 657 days of Obama’s reign. And it creates a potentially historic opportunity for Republicans.

Not to mention its potential impact on political fundraising as a presidential election nears. Jews have long been major supporters and donors to Democrats. And Hillary Clinton, the presumptive 2016 Democrat nominee, presided over Obama’s lackluster foreign policy throughout his first term.

Obama’s inexplicable antipathy toward and impatience with Israel have long been known. During his first term Obama was caught on a live mic complaining to the French president about having to talk with and listen to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu all the time.

When the Israeli leader came to Washington last month to address Congress at the invitation of GOP House Speaker John Boehner, dozens of Democrats on Capitol Hill boycotted the stirring address, and others such as Nancy Pelosi criticized Netanyahu strongly, saying he insulted American intelligence. Here’s a list of those Democrats who announced their boycott.

Netanyahu’s Churchillian address undermined Obama’s attempt to sell the developing pact as a bar to Iran developing nuclear weapons. The pact as being drafted would actually pave the way for such weapons development, Netanyahu charged.

Really brave but unidentified Obama aides used derogatory terms to describe Netanyahu to complicit Washington reporters.

Obama political pals worked during Israel’s recent national election campaign to defeat Netanyahu’s coalition-leading Likud party, with a resounding lack of success.

In a display of political retaliation worthy of a Chicago pol, the White House not accidentally also released a detailed defense analysis of Israel’s nuclear capabilities, considered classified by administrations of both parties going back decades. The Obama team even redacted revealing parts about other nations, but not Israel.

Obama was too busy to see the leader of the Mideast’s only functioning democracy last month. And Vice President Joe Biden found an urgent need to visit Latin America on the same day.

But now for the first time a Rasmussen Reports poll has found the antipathy toward America’s long-time ally has spread into Democrat party membership.

The new poll, released Thursday, found that only a minority of Democrats (45%) still consider Israel an ally. While somehow a larger percentage (55%) see Mexico as an ally.

This compares with the overwhelming 76% of Republicans who still see Israel as a strong U.S. ally.

The Israel results came as part of a broader Rasmussen poll on which countries 800 American adults consider allies. As usual, Canada came out on top with 86%, while Great Britain came in a close second at 84%. Canada is seen as an enemy by two percent of adult Americans, apparent veterans of the War of 1812.

On Thursday while enroute to a Louisville photo-op, Obama called to brief Netanyahu on the agreement to continue negotiations with Iran. According to a White House description of the U.S. side of the conversation, Obama said:

“While nothing is agreed until everything is, the framework represents significant progress towards a lasting, comprehensive solution that cuts off all of Iran’s pathways to a bomb and verifiably ensures the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program going forward.

“(Obama) underscored that progress on the nuclear issue in no way diminishes our concerns with respect to Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism and threats towards Israel and emphasized that the United States remains steadfast in our commitment to the security of Israel.”

Obama’s pitch and promises apparently did not gain much traction with the reelected Israeli leader.

Shortly after the call, Netanyahu’s personal spokesman, Mark Regev, tweeted: “PM Netanyahu to Pres Obama: A deal based on this framework would threaten the survival of Israel.”

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