American Empire’s Vision Of A New Middle East

by Taxi

We’ve read much analysis on why Saudi Arabia is attacking Yemen and heard accusations of criminal hypocrisy against the USA for supporting Saudi Arabia’s attack on the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula.  But we haven’t yet established why the USA would allow yet another destabilizing war in the Mideast, a violent war taking place right at the gates of the world’s largest oil fields.

On the surface, it would seem odd that the USA would approve of a war that could easily get out of control and threaten to jeopardize global industries and the health of our global economy.  But…  there is method in Empire’s madness.

America intends to remove the House of Saud from power.

Yes, the decision has been taken and Empire is now working to remove the House of Saud in exactly the same way that it removed Saddam from power:  by first encouraging Saudi Arabia to go to war with a stubborn neighboring foe, a war that will take years to unfold, thereby slowly draining the House of Saud from local geopolitical prestige and influence, rendering them vulnerable to the winds of change and to the vicissitudes of unstable dictatorship.  Empire’s resolve is to be rid of all monarchies in the middle east starting with the House of Saud.  And after the fall of the House of Saud, Saudi Arabia will be divided into three provinces.

The first province, rich in oil, is  presently occupied Yemeni territory which will be returned to Yemen.  The second province will encompass all the major ancient Islamic cities, turning it into an Islamic Vatican, administrated likewise; its wealth collected not from oil but from religious pilgrimage and religious tourism.  The third province, rich in oil, will be given to the downtrodden Arabian Shia and other marginalized desert tribes already historically rooted there and for decades living practically as slave labor to the House of Saud’s petro corporations.

Empire’s vision also includes big changes ahead in Israel.  No longer will Israel’s crimes of aggression be supported by the USA at a global level.  No.  Those days are now gone.  Empire, with the backing and will of the world behind it, will enforce, even by force, a Two State Solution in the holy land based on the ’67 borders (with agreed swaps etc), whether Israel likes it or not.  Yes, Israel will resist like a madman his straight-jacket.  Yes, it will get very hideously ugly with the israelis before they eventually get the message that there is no god but Empire in this world and its favored sport is smiting the unruly.  Ironically, an enforced Two State Solution, with Israel kicking and screaming, will actually save it from self-destructing through Apartheid, or from annihilation through a showdown with its capable neighbors.  Israel’s nukes cannot save it from death by Apartheid or death by war, even if it launched all its nuclear warheads out across the world.  Not even Israel’s nukes can stop the Two State Solution that’s being set to charge directly at its spleen.

Look around the middle east region and you see the center of the old zeitgeist is now cracked and its once artful  and formidable practitioners, Israel and Saudi Arabia,  now look  power-parched, wrinkled and cantankerous.  A burdensome duo whose extremist ideologies  are in direct opposition to Empire’s own political manifesto and self-branding.  Colossal hypocrisy aside, ultimately, Empire prefers a life-long ally whose ideologies are on par with its own.  ‘If you’re like us, you’re cool for life – and everyone else is fine and dandy till they’re disposable’.  That’s our quintessential MO.

With chaos and multiple wars spreading across the middle east, wars that have been directly instigated by either Israel or Saudi Arabia, or both – wars that israel and Saudi Arabia have lost or are in the process of losing – all this has, over time, consequently caused a chronic hemorrhaging of American power and influence in the middle east.  Sure, we had a lot of blood to spare in the past so we could afford to lose a few pints – but that is no longer the case.  America’s continuing hegemony in the middle east now absolutely depends on its new vision manifesting; depends on its giant motions of change occurring – slow motions that are being seeded today and that will gather momentum as events unfold in our lifetime.

Will this change not create a dangerous geopolitical vacuum in the region? The simple answer is no.  There is a new zingiest in town and its superstars are called Turkey and Iran – possibly Egypt too, depending on how the political schizophrenic Sisi plays it in the next few years.  But thus far, Turkey and Iran have passed the test and Empire has calculated that between them, they can oversea American interests right across the region, sans the strife and mayhem and project failures that Israel and Saudi Arabia have produced.

During the last zeitgeist, it served Empire to have the middle east be unstable; but for the new zeitgeist, it needs the middle east to be heading towards its own brand of democracy and stability in the next two decades, so it can then safely turn its full focus further east to counter and block the encroaching powers of China and Russian, as well as the emergent power of India.

Whatever explosive and major events may come to pass in the meantime in the middle east, American geopolitical strategy is now based and centered on directing the results towards manifesting this new vision of the middle east.