“As Palestine formally becomes a State Party to the Rome Statute today, the world is also a step closer to ending a long era of impunity and injustice.” PA foreign minister says after ICC welcomed the membership of the State of PalestineToday.

by Taxi

That’s great; I love that – mega congratulations Palestine!!  Millions of people have waited long for this to happen.  But… but… when’s our turn to bust the motherfucking israel-firster/traitor/occupier/scum in our midst?  We are under zionist occupation without the fuckers even putting a single boot on the ground!  Worse than that, they make us pay them billions to occupy us!!!!!!!

Wake the fuck up America!!  Show no mercy!  Vote out EVERY SINGLE zionist representative at the next election!  Do it if you love America more than you love israel.  Full fucking stop!  Enough evil zionism already!