Nasrallah and the Yemen Crisis Speech

by NewsStand

Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech tonight addressing the Saudi war of aggression against the Yemen.

Briefly: Nasrallah went into a detailed rebuttal of all the excuses that Saudi Arabia is giving the world for attacking Yemen (ie Iran this and Iran that); then proceeded to give what he considers to be the “real reason” behind Saudi’s aggression against Yemen.

He basically said that Yemen, through the recent successes of the Houthi revolution (Yemen’s Arab Spring), the Yemeni people had finally arrived at a point of zero tolerance for any foreign interference in their internal affairs, especially interference from Saudi Arabia.  The Houthi revolution demanded political independence and were absolutely and adamantly refusing to take any orders from Saudi Arabia or their political agents inside Yemen’s political theater – the corrupt government fell in the face of such unflinching resolve and the president of Yemen fled office and country (a couple of times) – the Houthis therefore took over.   This meant that the ‘great’ kingdom of Saudi Arabia had lost control over its much poorer and weaker neighbor, the Yemen: friend of Iran – something the arrogant House of Saud could not symbolically or otherwise accept under any circumstances.

Simply put:  Yemen’s rebellion was glaring evidence of the waning regional influence of the House of Saud – and all this deflation happening at the dawn of a deal between Iran and the USA that would assuredly pin Iran to the top of the regional power chart.

Nasrallah then urged the Arab coalition soldiers, as well as Saudi soldiers, to realize that they’re being asked to go to Yemen to die just so some extremely rich Saudi prince (referring to the 37 year old Saudi minister of defense) can keep his expensive boot on the neck of one of the poorest Arab nations.  He also listed a litany of negative Saudi foreign policies that have directly led to rampant mass terrorism, death and refugeedom that’s now gripping the region.  He asked the viewers to ponder on why the House of Saud never sent its F-16’s to help out the suffering people of Gaza – or why Saudi is spending billions upon billions of dollars destroying other Arab countries instead of healing them, as per Saudi’s islamic guardianship obligations.

He called the House of Saud a cruel and selfish regime, a treasonous regime that colludes with isreal and the west, aiding them in their grand theft of Arab land and Arab resources.  Addressing the Saudi regime, Nasrallah said that Iran had expanded its influence in the region because “you are lazy, losers, and you don’t take responsibility.”

He predicted that the House of Saud will fail in its military objectives in Yemen, in the same way that israel failed to achieve its military objectives in the last 4 wars (2 in Gaza and 2 in Lebanon).  Nasrallah reminded his viewers, including Saudi viewers, that it is impossible to defeat a nation by using air power alone – and putting boots on the ground in Yemen will only keep Saudi borders extremely volatile and violent for  years to come, which in turn will endanger the kingdom’s heartland itself; and make the global oil markets  fluctuate with insecurity, destabilizing other parts of the region and the world.  And for a bunch of other reasons too (sorry no time to get into), Nasrallah concluded that the Saudis have just committed a huge strategic blunder that they may never recover from.  He also reminded viewers that Yemeni terrain is extremely inhospitable and structurally very similar to Afghani terrain; and that proud and patriotic Yemeni people have never been militarily occupied by a foreign army, be they western or otherwise.  He gave his best wishes to the Yemeni people and all other justice and peace seekers; encouraging a solution to this crisis through immediate peaceful negotiations.