Fear And Loathing In The House Of Saud

by Taxi

Iran, Iran, Iran – it’s all obsessively about Iran!  Iran is so deeply loathed and feared in the Saudi kingdom that they’re choking on their own pathological venom and lashing out at Iran’s weakest ally, Yemen.   Saudi’s all-consuming hate of Iran is remarkably like isreal’s all-consuming hate of Iran.

Begs the question here: why does the King of Saudi Arabia and his council of Wahabis fear Iran to such a level of dark profundity?

Is it Iran’s non-existent nuclear bomb? No.  That’s israel’s imbecilic, fearmongering excuse.

Is it Iran’s Shiaism? No.  They don’t ‘fear’ Shiaism, they merely hate it with every fiber in them.

So what’s the reason behind this un-tamable fear?

Simply put: Iran is an agent of change.

Iran is the ONLY player currently capable of changing the abysmal status quo in the middle east.  A status quo that has a handful of israeli zionist elites and a handful of Saudi zionist elites monopolizing a vast region over-spilling with profitable natural resources.  A cruel status quo that has jewish and wahabi zionist elites brutally dominating some 384 million Arabs of all faiths.

After the surprising Saudi attack on Yemen two nights ago, the deep bonds between the zionist state and the wahabi state are further out in the open.  Actually, these bonds go a long way back:

King Faisal Bin Hussein meets Ben Hayem Weisserman in 1919 when they agreed to establish a zionist state in Palestine next to an Arab ountry called Syraqia (Syria & Iraq).Photo:  King Faisal Bin Hussein meets Ben Hayem Weisserman in 1919 when they agreed to establish a zionist state in Palestine next to an Arab country called Syraqia (Syria & Iraq).

In fact, the Al Saud’s bond with the ‘jews’ began much earlier than 1919: indeed it goes way back to the 15th century when the Al Saud’s ancestors themselves were followers of judaism – and according to several of my Arab historian friends, the Al Saud converted shortly after the rise of Islam and entered Arabia’s islamic society as a Trojan horse intent on protecting the jews from within the islamic sphere of power; as well as destroying islam from within.  They attest to this by pointing out a string of suspicious deaths of Arab historians who had dared dedicate a paragraph or chapter  about the origins of the House of Saud in their academic books – the last such historian was thrown alive out of an airplane gliding over the Saudi desert back in the early 60’s – he was a Saudi academic.

It has served both the ‘jews’ and the House of Saud to keep this ‘special relationship’ out of the public’s eye, but this can no longer be done.  They must both now come out of the shadows tightly holding hands in order to defeat their most hated and dangerous enemy to date: Iran.

Now that the USA is not willing to go to war with Iran, israel and Saudi Arabia are blatantly trying to draw Iran into a war of their choosing and timing. Unless they smash up Iran and its handful of regional allies to pieces a.s.a.p. they know that their longevity and fortunes will be lost to them forever.