Tweets on Yemen

by NewsStand

(P.S.  Just heard on Almayadeen TV that israel says it is “very pleased” that Saudi is attacking Yemen.  My, my, all this amorousness between the ashkanazi and Saudi zionists is making me blush).


Bedtime Note From the Levant:  I’m hitting the sack in a few having watched at least 3 hours of intensive  analysis on the Yemen situation.  I also watched a live speech by the young Houthi leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, followed by a kinda Saudi CENTCOM guy discussing ongoing operations and fielding questions from the press.

Well…. The prognosis is not looking good at all.  An alignment of Saudi, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Sudan, Pakistan and Turkey might be forming to war-up against Iran.  Meanwhile, some 12 hours after the Saudis began their assault, the price of oil went up by $6+ and the Saudi Borsa (Stock Exchange) jittered and plunged a sudden few worrying points.  That there (the market place) could be an equalizer against such a monstrous warmongering plan.

There are so many heavy-hitting players in the Yemen-Saudi crisis –  very complex, very worrying.