A Brief and Simplified Summary of the Yemen-Saudi Conflict

by Taxi

saudi security forces

First, Yemen is mostly Shia muslims and Saudi Arabia is mostly Sunni-Wahabi.  Saudi does not want to see a strong Yemen as this will stir up its own restive, downtrodden Shia population concentrated  mainly in the oil-rich south, bordering with Yemen.  For decades, Saudi Arabia endeavored to keep Yemen in the poor-house, occupying a chunk of its land that’s rich with oil, as well as setting up Alqaida headquarters there to destabilize it internally and repel foreign investment.

Yemen’s neighbors are all Sunni Gulfies who have all (except for the Sultanate of Oman) colluded purposely with Saudi Arabia to keep Yemen living in the 10th century.  Shia Yemen, for decades had absolutely no notable help from anybody, till Shia Iran recently stepped in with food/medicine and military aid.  This has made Saudi Arabia and other Gulfies nervous (these guys are so highly-strung from excessive sheltered pampering that even if a Shia fly buzzed by their noses they’d panic!).

Inspired by the success of the Lebanese Shia resistance group, Hizbollah, the Houthis, a Shia Yemeni parallel group was founded a few years ago, with the help of Iran.  The Houthis have now kicked out the planted (by USA and S.Arabia) President of Yemen and the Yemen army have sided with the downtrodden Shia civilian majority.

In panic, Saudi Arabia sent troops to its border with Yemen yesterday, threatening an invasion.

Except Saudis, being the over-manicured cowards that they are, will send in ‘hired soldiers’ from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Chechnya to fight and die on their Wahabi behalf.

The stick that Saudi Arabia has been using on Yemen since mid 20th century does not work anymore.  The Yemeni people have managed in the past several decades to educate themselves on history and geopolitics, instilling in themselves a sanguine sense of patriotism and a hunger for justice.  They now absolutely refuse ANY foreign interference in their domestic affairs, especially interference from Saudi Arabia.  They will fight and martyr themselves for the greater good of their country – and with the army behind them, they will eventually indeed succeed.  And when this happens, take it as the first sign of the downfall of the House of Saud, the most repressive Arab regime ever and israel’s bedfellow to boot.

So basically, you could say that the Yemen Houthi patriots are fighting Arab zionism in the Arabian peninsula.

Note that much Saudi Arabian oil is transported through the Red Sea, whose mouth the Yemen sits at.  Wahabi Saudis will kill a million Yemenis before they’d pay a cent in passage fees owed to the Shia Yemenis.

Yes It’s mind-blowing how alike the House of Saud and the House of Zion are.  For the past 60+ years, millions of innocent people have been killed by these two evil entities in their push for regional control.  Today, it looks like the tables are slowly being turned against them both.

It is notable too that the source of Saudi hatred of Yemen stems from a deep-seated jealousy of historic Yemen being the actual originator of the first Arab people.  Saudis would like the world to think that Saudi Arabia is the mother of all Arabs but that’s just simply not true.  All Arabs are traceable back to Yemen.  The House of Saud, whose family history is steeped in violent vagabondism, has also displayed this depth of hatred to all other Arab countries with superior cultural histories, and has endeavored to either weaken them into irrelevancy, or literally erase them from history – think of how Saudi-backed ISIS have rampaged and destroyed magnificent ancient cultural and religious heritages in the Levant and in Iraq.  Saudis may have all the wealth in the world, but they have no true historic culture to show off, apart from the limited treasures of the islamic era, whereas Iraq and Syria, for instance, are historically steeped in cultural learning and progressive sciences and arts.  This high level of prestige Saudis can never buy for themselves, nor can they create their own version of it: being the repressed practitioners of the strictest kind of islam that basically allows no originality of thought nor creativity of spirit in its adherents.

The Saudi-zionist project in Syria and Iraq has failed, as indeed it is predicted to fail in Yemen too.  As the Yemen-Saudi drama unfolds, it is worth noting that once the P5+1 conclude the Iran nuke deal, Yemen will gain tremendous strength being under the protection of Iran, a newly recognized regional superpower.

Expect earthquakes in the Saudi/Gulfie/israeli realms when this occurs.