Obama: I scolded Netanyahu over the phone about Palestine – New York Post

by NewsStand

TAXI’S TAKE:  Another hilarious headline from the NYPost!  I’m not bothering with cut & pasting the stupid short article at all – nothing there you guys don’t already know anyway.  The value of this article is in the headline – so really, I would like to address the editor of the NYPost’s efforts at both propaganda and israel-firstdom (treason).

The editor’s headline appears to want to give the impression that Obama actually said the words, ‘I scolded Netanyahu’, when in fact Obama never used the word ‘scolded’.  The editor uses a colon (:) after the name ‘Obama’,  indicating the introduction of a quote, but he does not follow it with quotation marks.  This is done on purpose:  the lousy editor wants to out-and-out fool the undiscerning reader who many not notice the missing quotation marks.  The sneaky fucker editor knows his main readership is dumb enough to fool with this simple trick – so he fools them to keep them dumbed-down.  He’s such an upstanding patriot (not!) that he would actually lie to the very people who pay his mortgage (his American readership), in order to incite indignation and hostility towards their own president, to favor a war criminal leader of a foreign country steeped in racism and Apartheid.

Disgusting divisive behavior!

“Obama/Scold/Netanyahu/Palestine”:  these are the four words in the headline that the editor wanted inserted in the reader’s mind:  code for judo-christian islmophobes and racists.

The dumbing-down of Americans is a serious crime in my books.  Americans are led to believe that newspapers are ‘smarter’ than TV and shithead editors like Col Allan,  editor of the NYPost,  take full advantage of this (often undeserved) prestige.

I have no trust or respect for any American who is financially profiting from the dumbing-down of America, especially in our political arena and in our media.  Brings to mind the famous Gibran Khalil Gibran quote: Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country”.

Do the ziocon fuckers understand and value the above quote?!  Hell no!  They live for israel and only israel.

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Here’s the boring shit on Col Allen:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Col_Allan

And here’s the article whose headline inspired my scribbles: Obama: I scolded Netanyahu over the phone about Palestine | New York Post.