Palestine pre-1948, before Zionism/Israel – YouTube

by NewsStand

Howdy folks!  Have you ever noticed how the news cycle often slows way down at weekends?  So what is it?   Do terrorists like a weekend off too or something?  (And by “terrorists” here I mean both vagabond and State terrorists).  No, that’s not it – terrorists don’t spend Sundays sitting in deck chairs or mowing the lawn – unless they’re isreali terrorists, if you know waddamean.  We all know that terrorism, like rust, never sleeps, so then why the slow news cycle at weekends?

Well, the media uses the weekend to basically give the viewer’s brain a little breather, a short reprieve before their mental faculties are mercilessly assaulted again with designer lies and overwhelming bullshit propaganda come Monday to Friday.  The human brain is like a sponge: dunk it completely in water for long and it runs out of room to absorb any further water.  You gotta take that sponge out of water intermittently and squeeze out old water if you want it to hold fresher water again.  I know it’s a simplistic view of the complexities of the human brain but that’s what I got right now.  Yeah the news cycle at weekends is slow, but by deliberate design.

Anyway, on slow news cycle days like Sundays, I will post up a video or two, for your enjoyment and education.