The Thin Line Between Patriotism and Treason

by Taxi


And I guess the creators of the poster above would rather their children and grandchildren die in battle than smoke a joint.

I’m posting this up to demonstrate that the 1960’s socio-cultural divisions in the USA are still very much alive.  The only difference nowadays is that one side of the aisle is actually publicly backing a foreign leader and war criminal over our democratically elected president, who is not exactly a pacifist himself.

This confused loyalty  is due to Aipac’s insidious, corrupting and radicalizing  influence on our political system and society in general.  They’ve identified our fissures and weaknesses and are exploiting them to the benefit of a foreign country and to the detriment of our own.

Tell your political representative in no uncertain terms that if they do not drop Aipac, then you will be dropping them.  This should be done en mass by people who love America itself more than they love the Democratic, Republican, or any other political party.  Citizens who put country before political party are American-Firsters.

Drop Aipac Or Be Dropped’, should be our shared slogan and message to our politicians, whichever side of the aisle you belong to.

So come on people: mobilize!

*P.S.  If you’ve got any artist/cartoonist friends, or you’re good with photoshop yourself, then get you all churning some good images for Palestine.  Every bit helps.