Responding to Failure: Reorganizing U.S. Policies in the Middle East – Ambassador Chas W. Freeman 10 March 2015

by NewsStand

“I will not mince words.

Israel has come to enjoy military supremacy but it remains excluded from most participation in its region’s political, economic, and cultural life.  In the 67 years since the Jewish state was proclaimed, Israel has not made a single friend in the Middle East, where it continues to be regarded as an illegitimate legacy of Western imperialism engaged in racist removal of the indigenous population.  International support for Israel is down to the United States and a few of the former colonial powers that originally imposed the Zionist project on the Arabs under Sykes-Picot and the related Balfour Declaration.  The two-state solution has expired as a physical or political possibility.  There is no longer any peace process to distract global attention from Israel’s maltreatment of its captive Arab populations….”