Netanyahu’s Victory And Isreal’s Legitimacy – Taxi

by Taxi

Netanyahu’s victory is the loudest public declaration yet from israel that not only is the 2SS truly dead, but that the Oslo Agreement too is now null and void and lying in state in a twin coffin.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon knows this but his suit and position force him into giving mere lip service to the utopian but unrealistic idea of a 2SS.

If Netanyahu succeeds in forming a unity government comprised of nothing but right-wing extremists hell-bent on genocide and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and other non-jews from Historic Palestine, it would then be incumbent on the UN legal team to start looking into israel’s obligations and conditions as a member state, with the view of rescinding its membership if it is established that isreal has deliberately falsified or willfully misled the world bodies regarding its fundamental definition of its ‘character’ as a state when it first applied for statehood. In other words, did the Euro jews sell the world a diamond that when polished turned out to be a dried fig?

Yes, back in 1948, the world wanted to give European jews a state – but not THIS kind of state – a state that’s hostile to the world and its communal order – a state where shameless, violent Apartheid is worshiped – a state where virulent racism is the desirable norm.

If it is discovered that isreal had indeed premeditated its genocidal intentions towards the Palestinians before and during its application for legal recognition by the world bodies; if it is proven that israel willfully defrauded the world in order to facilitate the eventual ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from their homeland, it is then incumbent on world countries, especially those who supported the establishment of israel back in 1948, to immediately rectify their misplaced support and work towards the dismantlement of the zionist state of israel, declaring isreal to be an illegal and rogue state; and classifying zionism as a dangerous and racist ideology akin to religious nazism.