Israelis Vote For War and Deeper Global Isolation – Taxi

by Taxi

The racist israeli Likud party, headed by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has won the israeli elections.

This clearly means that israelis in their majority want their country’s fate determined not by the path to peace with the Palestinians and a Two State Solution, but by the path of war. A war many experts predict will lead to the end of the zionist state as we know it.

Also, by voting for Netanyahu to rule them for another term, the israelis have chosen a bolshy Apartheid, a furthering of isolation from the global community, and a deeper estrangement from its only ally, the United States of America.

The biggest winners in this voting result are the ziocon warmongers in Washington. But this victory is a temporary and Pyrrhic one as American voters are showing signs of tremendous hostility to the ‘Donkey Felators’ in congress and the senate, and these ‘feelings’ will subsequently begin to translate into ‘anti-traitor’ votes at the next USA elections in 2016 and further into the 2020 elections.

Sadly, the biggest losers are non-zionist American jews as they will be bundled in with the loathsome israelis by your average Joe, whose new-found hostility to all things isreali will be projected onto ‘the jews’ as a group.